Route One now offering Landscaping Services

Route One is taking a bold new step by venturing into offering landscaping services -- Maryland-themed landscaping, that is! Route One will soon be looking to partner with local turf farmers in the region.

"Honestly, Route One gets so many design suggestions," said founder Ali von Paris. "With the weather getting warmer, we've had a ton of requests to spray paint people's lawns with the flag."

With such a huge demand for the services, Route One has decided to go all in! Customers can get spray-painted flags, garden arrangements of Black-Eyed Susans, and landscaping or patios shaped like crabs and local sports mascots. 

"I've gotten all of the Route One decor," said customer Joanna Long. "The door knocker, the flags, the car cover -- but what I don't have yet is a patio shaped like a blue crab. Now, though, that's going to change, all thanks to Route One."

Those who really want to add the perfect finishing touch can add a garden shed to their yard in the shape of a can of Old Bay or a bust in the shape of Edgar Allan Poe's head.

"Anyone can have a lawn, garden or outdoor space that's beautiful," Ali explained. "But we make it so you can have one that's just as full of Maryland pride as your closet is." 

  • Linda Bolden says...

    Interested in having the Maryland flag on my front lawn for a 6/9 Maryland themed wedding.
    Please advise cost and availability.
    Linda Bolden

    On December 10, 2020


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