Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About Maryland?

You've been talking the talk about how much of a Maryland fan you are. You never miss a Ravens game, sprinkle literally every food you eat with a dash of Old Bay, and always enunciate the "O" when you sing the Star Spangled Banner (which, of course, was written right here, as you tell everyone you meet). But can you pass a quiz about Maryland trivia? Well, we're about to find out! Your time starts....now!


1. Okay, we'll start off simple. What's the capital of Maryland?

A. Baltimore 

B. Annapolis

C. Havre de Grace

D. Towson


2. You know the Star-Spangled Banner was penned here in Maryland, but who actually wrote it?

A. George Washington Carver

B. Charles Calvert 

C. Betsy Ross

D. Francis Scott Key

3. We all know the Black-Eyed Susan is the state flower and the oriole is the state bird, but do you know what the state sport is?

A. Jousting

B. Lacrosse

C. Swimming

D. Horse Racing


4.Who or what is Maryland named after?

A. Queen Henrietta Maria of France

B. Mary, Queen of Scots

C. A ship that brought the first settlers to the area, called the Mary

D. Author Mary Shelley

5. What's the official name of the Orioles mascot?

A. Cam

B. Ripken

C. Ori

D. The Oriole Bird


6. What children's book made the ponies of Assateague Island famous all over the country?

A. Phantom of Chincoteague

B. Misty of Chincoteague

C. Star of Chincoteague

D. Stormy of Chincoteague

7. Which of the following inventions is NOT from Maryland?

A. The bottle cap

B. The ouija board 

C. The sweetener saccharin

D. The cuckoo clock


8.What's the best Route One Apparel collection?

A. Baseball

B. Football

C. Natty Boh



Answers: B, D, A, A, D, B, D, all of the above!

All images via pixabay


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