Pokemon Go Around Iconic Maryland Landmarks

It's been the summer of Pokemon Go pretty much all over the world, and Maryland is no different. Marylanders have been out and about, catching Pokemon throughout the state. Here are a few screenshots our fans have shared with us where they've found Pokemon at iconic Maryland landmarks.

"O!" Just like us, Pokemon also love Maryland sports. This Krabby was spotted at Camden Yards...

Facebook / Bryan Monroe Kaplan

And this Spearow was discovered trying to play a little football at M&T Bank Stadium.

Facebook / Cody Branchaw

The Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse is another popular place to spot Pokemon. Here's a Magicarp flopping his way into our hearts...

Facebook / Diana Lynn Miller

And here's Psyduck coming in for a hug.

Facebook / Diana Lynn Miller

In fact, the Inner Harbor is a hotbed for Pokemon activity. Here's Hitmonchan channeling his inner rockstar at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Facebook / Diana Lynn Miller

And Pikachu is enjoying harbor views with a buddy.

Facebook / PD Stein

Head to the C&O Canal to get acquainted with Poliwag.

Facebook / Miranda Behanna

Oh, and Psyduck is there as well, coming at us like responsibilities. 

Facebook / Miranda Behanna

...He gets around. #beachvibes

Facebook / Marie Williams Wheeler

Ocean City's Northside Park is home to a Charmander nest, which may be the most adorable nest imaginable. 

Facebook / Maura Smith

While you're out and about, slip your feet into these stylish Route One shoes. You deserve it, you Pokemon Master, you.

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