Peace, Love, and Maryland! Our Favorite Tie-Dye Items

Who says you can't relive the hippie days (or, you know, live them for the first time if you're too young to remember)? We're here to bring a little bit of that groovy spirit to your wardrobe and your home. Check out some of our favorite tie dye pieces, from shirts to stickers to face masks. 

1. Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & Os Swirl Shirt

Talk about the best of both worlds! This is a great way to incorporate some tie dye into your look without sacrificing your love for your favorite team and Maryland treasures. 

2. Tie Dye Crab Face Mask

Heading out? Don't forget your mask! This one can help you keep that happy hippie spirit going, even when the world is stressful. Righteous! 

3. Maryland Butterflies Red and Black Tie Dye Shirt

Here's a unique twist on the tie dye look! Maryland flag butterflies are fluttering over a dark red-and-black tie dye background -- perfect for any Marylander who likes standing out from the crowd. 

4. Natty Boh Logo Tie Dye Shirt

Mr. Boh wants to get in on the tie dye action too! What better way to celebrate Charm City than with this fun and free tee? 

5. Rainbow Snowball Hat

What's even better than a chilly snowball on a hot day? A tie dye hat featuring a rainbow snowball that you can wear all the time! It's a great way to add a little color to even the most monochrome outfits.

6. Tie Dye Crab Sticker 

We'd love to see crabs come in more colors, but for now we'll be satisfied with this vibrant tie dye crab sticker! Even if you don't have a Volkswagen Beetle to slap it on, it's still great for decorating all kinds of other things.

7. Tie Dye Crab Can Cooler

Finally, your drinks can be cool both literally and figuratively! This tie dye crab design is perfect for any hippie at heart, and the cooler itself keeps your cans from getting warm. 

8. Natty Boh Tie Dye Headband

Whether you've got 70's-style long hair or a more modern cut, a tie dye headband is a must! We've added a twist to this style by adding the iconic Mr. Boh to this design for more Maryland flavor.

9. Boh Knows Surfing Swirl Shirt

Surf's up! You'll feel like you're living in a Beach Boys song when you're wearing this tie dye tee that features the one and only Natty Boh mascot riding the waves. 


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