10 Reasons Mr. Boh Is Bae

High in the Baltimore sky sits one of Maryland's most beloved mascots. Mr. Boh is a well recognized face in the area and it's natural to swoon over his perfectly swept tresses and well-groomed mustache. Here are just 10 reasons why Mr. Boh is bae.

1. He watches over us like a mustachioed super hero.


Flickr / Something Ferdinand

2. He's a sharp dresser. 

Flickr / Rob Swatski

3. He's a romantic.

Flickr / MD Film Festival 2007

4. He always knows how to liven up a party.

Flickr / Phil Romans

5. Or a crab feast.

Flickr / Elaine K.

6. He's smooth with the ladies.

Flickr / Rob Swatski

7. He's vintage and just keeps getting better with age.

Flickr / Chris Bojanower

8. He lights up our life.

Flickr / rebelpilot

9. He may only have one eye, but it stares directly into our souls.

Flickr / Andreas Kollegger

10. He makes clothing look good.

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