10 Emotions Marylanders Know All Too Well

We Marylanders are diversely different from one another but there are some things that bind us. The following relatable list is full of emotions you most likely have felt at some point while living in the Old Line State.

1. Fear: Rush hour traffic

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2. Happiness: The annual vacation to Ocean City

Flickr / m01229

3. Joy: Eating steamed crabs

Flickr / m01229

4. Pain: Getting crab spices in an open cut

Flickr / Catherine

5. Anger: When someone disses the Ravens

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6. Bliss: When the Ravens win

Flickr / David Robert Crews

7. Sadness: When a restaurant says they're out of Natty Boh

Flickr / binu kumar

8. Confusion: Or when a restaurant says they don't have Old Bay

Flickr / Ben W

9. Love: Knowing that there's no place like home

Flickr / John H Gray

10. Pride. Period.

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