Maryland Resolutions for 2017

Can you believe 2016 is almost over? Now's the time to start coming up with New Year's resolutions--thinking of things to do that will make you a better, more interesting person. But let's face it, it can be hard to think up something original. So instead of picking the same tired of New Year's resolutions like going to the gym or only buying healthy food, why don't you pick one of these Maryland-themed resolutions instead? Something like...
Learn Your History. Maryland is the perfect state for history buffs. We've had wars, poets, spies, presidential intrigue, national anthems, and revolutionaries! Check out some must-visit destinations, stroll around historic Annapolis or meet a ghost or two in Baltimore.
Cook up some crabs! You've probably had enough steamed crabs and crab soup to make you feel assured of your status as a Marylander....but how good are you at cooking with crabs? If you've been thinking about improving your skills as a chef in 2017, here's a perfect way to do that, Maryland-style. This Pinterest board can help you get started. 
Check out local music. We all know the big name artists from Maryland--All Time Low, Good Charlotte, Animal Collective, and Sisqo, to name a few. But 2017 should be the year that you can say "I heard them before they made it big." Keep an ear on local radio stations, like WTMD, and head to small clubs and local shows to scout out the Next Big Thing! (It doesn't hurt that you'll be giving financial support to these smaller acts who could really use it, too!)
Get Outside. Hey, this year, you can appreciate the natural beauty of the Free state and let Mother Nature be your personal trainer! There are so many trails in Maryland to hike--and this map will show you which trails are near you. Grab your boots and get going!
Help Others. Feel good, do good! There are lots of great charities you can help in Maryland--give supplies to dogs and cats in need at BARCS (or adopt a new friend!), help a family stay warm this winter with the Fuel Fund, or assist the rebuilding of Old Ellicott City.  Every little bit helps!


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