Madame Maryland's Horoscopes: August 2017

Summer's rapidly slipping away, and soon fall will be here! Do you know what the next season holds for you? Don't worry -- if you're not sure, Madame Maryland has your back. This is what she sees in her crystal ball for August:

Aries: Aries, are you forgetting something? This month, it seems like you're constantly leaving things behind or not double-checking the things you do need to do. Slow down and take a deep breath before accomplishing your next task. And use one of our bags to keep all of your necessary items on hand! 
Taurus: Good news! You've been hustling all summer, and it's been tiring, but your hard work has paid off this month. You'll be getting a little extra cash right when you least expect it, and you're going to need a new wallet to hold all of those stacks of cash, my friend. (We've got some you might like!)
Gemini: September's going to be busy busy busy, so catch up on your rest and relaxation while you can! This is your month to lie out on the beach or plop on the couch. Make a date with your Netflix or Hulu subscription, and don't feel guilty about lying around in your capris or shorts! Now, what to binge?
Cancer: Catching enough Z's this summer is no easy task for you, Cancer. Be sure to put that phone or that laptop away before bed, let your room get dark and cool, and wear an eye mask if need be! You'll find that the extra sleep gets you even more energetic and inspired than usual. Sweet dreams! 
Leo: Life's better with a little flair, and nobody knows that better than Leo. Whether you want to dress up your own look with some jewelry or you want to surprise an accessory-lover in your life, don't resist that urge to go shopping! Hey, there's a reason the expression is 'go for the gold', right?
Virgo: How did everybody you know end up having babies like, right now? Virgo, you're going to be going to a heck of a lot of showers, and that means you'll need to go shopping for all those little babies. Why not do all your shopping in one place -- namely, our baby and youth department? Now you can focus less on the gifts and more on convincing your friends to name the baby after you.
Libra: Sure, summer's great, but for you, Libra, it's missing that essential thing -- football! You back all the birds, undoubtedly, but the Ravens just have a special place in your heart, and the sooner they get back on the field, the better. Tide your football cravings over with our Ravens gear
Scorpio: Before summer is out, Scorpio, why not have a last hurrah BBQ? Get all the guys and the gals together, turn up the grill and toast the upcoming school year or fall ahead. And crucial to the success of this event? A cooler full of icy Bohs! Keep the Baltimore theme going with our Boh products -- your friends are all gonna be mega-jealous of your look. 
Sagittarius: You've been wanting to try something new to stay fit and active this summer and fall, but you're just not sure what. Kickboxing? Cycling class? Jazzercise? Well, whatever you do end up deciding on, you're going to need something to wear to the gym. We know you'll kill at whatever you put your mind to!
Capricorn: Maybe you just bought a new place, Capricorn, or maybe a close friend or family member just moved into new digs. Whatever the case may be, a house (or apartment, or duplex, or trailer...) isn't a home until it has some decor! We're partial to this ideal housewarming gift (though we'll admit, we're a tad biased). How nice will that be for that blank wall? 
Aquarius: Your friends fall into one of two categories -- those who love joining in with your heated debates and detailed recaps of the last Game of Thrones episode, and those who can't stand it anymore! Leave the haters behind and grab a Maryland-themed spin on the GOT trend. Who needs dragons when you've got Boh?
Pisces: Maryland is a wine-lover's paradise, and there are so many beautiful vineyards to tour and shop from! You'll need a good wine glass to enjoy all the fruits of these local business's labor. (And if you're not a wine drinker, this is perfect for fancying up your favorite soda or juice!) Cheers to that, Pisces! 


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