Madame Maryland's Horoscope: October 2021

Happy October, Marylanders! The fall season is truly here, and that means it's time to get into some fun fall activities. But which activity would make your sign the happiest? Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball, and here's what she saw. 


Aries: Braving a haunted house 

Okay, maybe not a REAL haunted house...unless you're feeling particularly brave! But a firey sign like yourself loves the adrenaline rush associated with moving through a theatrical haunted house or haunted hayride. Will you survive the night? 


Taurus: Cute Halloween movie marathon 

There are plenty of Halloween movies that aren't so scary, and those are your cup of tea, Taurus! Settle in with a cup of tea or a favorite cup of soup and enjoy something sweet on TV. There's nothing wrong with feeling like a kid again! 

Gemini: Pumpkin picking

There are so many pumpkins to choose, Gemini-- you may just want to pick them all! You're ready to bring them all home to paint, carve, or just use as decoration on your porch. But of course, the fun part is in the selection! 

Cancer: Taking kids trick-or-treating

Even if you're a little too old to go trick-or-treating yourself, you'll have a blast helping your siblings, nieces and nephews, or children go on a candy hunt! Getting to see all of the spooky decorations and encouraging the kids to grab something tasty is fulfilling to you, and maybe they'll share their loot. 

Leo: Halloween decorating

All eyes will be on you when you unveil your decorations! You've got some great ideas for spooky, gross, or fantastic yard and home decor, and you won't rest until everyone in the neighborhood has seen it too. Go on....get that 12-foot skeleton.

Virgo: Baking all things pumpkin

Basic? Who cares? You're ready to become the pumpkin chef that you were always born to be! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin bars, pumpkin pie...they're all yours for the making, and everyone will want to be in your kitchen! 

Libra: Scary movie marathon

You're ready for the freakiest, the weirdest, and the most spine-chilling movies this season! Bring on the monsters and murderers -- even if you can't sleep tonight, it'll be worth it to test your bravery. Watch with a group for even more thrills and chills! 

Scorpio: Costume party hosting

Who's got the best costume this year? You won't know unless you bring your pals over to put them to the test. This October, Scorpio, it's time to prove that you're the host with the most, especially if you have prizes for costume categories! 

Sagittarius: Making a giant leaf pile

Everyone wants to do it, Sagittarius. So why resist temptation? Even if you have to go rake those leaves back up later, it'll be worth the joy of leaping into that huge leaf pile! 

Capricorn: Corn maze exploring

Is there any better fall project for a goal-oriented sign like you? You aren't going to get lost in even the biggest of mazes -- you've got a plan to get in and get out with ease. You might even break a record for fastest in and out! 

Aquarius: Apple picking

The perfect apple is waiting for you, Aquarius! There's nothing quite like a crisp day spent seeking out those perfectly ripe fruits to make into a pie, or, even better, to eat right away. Don't forget to snap those perfect Instagram pic! 

Pisces: Handing out candy

You want to see all of those kids (or kids at heart) in their costumes this year (and maybe you don't want to trek all over town, Pisces). So this is the perfect solution! Dress up, hang out on the porch, and make sure everyone gets a piece of candy.


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