Madame Maryland's Horoscope: May 2022

May is here, Marylanders! Spring is in full swing (or at least as much as it can be here in Maryland, anyway), and all kinds of new opportunities are on the horizon. So what does May have in store for your sign? Well, Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball -- here's what she saw. 


Overindulgence can feel good in the moment, but you'll regret it the next day! If you're feeling a bit extra about partying, spending money, or making plans, it's time to grab the reins and pull back. Use this month to get a better sense of your current habits and if they're really worth continuing. 



This is the month to truly pick your battles, Taurus. Not every little fight needs to be won! If you find that you're more obsessed with getting the upper hand than whatever it is you're actually arguing about, it's time to pack it up. Deep breaths! 


You're excited to fight for what's right this May, Gemini! If you're feeling passionate about your causes and your beliefs, well, why keep quiet? Let everyone know exactly how you feel and why it's so important, and find ways to make a real difference in your community, too. 


Trying to be trendy isn't always the way to become happier or more fulfilled, Cancer. Instead, this month is the perfect time to decide what you actually like to wear and do! Being true to yourself is never a bad idea, especially if you've been holding back for awhile. 


Who says you can't say no to social plans, Leo? Even the most extroverted signs need a break every now and then, and there's nothing quite like enjoying a little solitude now and then. Use this month to recharge before jumping into a fun and social summer! 


It's time to stop and smell the flowers, Virgo -- literally! May is the ideal time to head to a local park or garden and see the flowers in bloom. It'll make a great date activity, but it's a perfect way to spend time with friends or family members, too. Enjoy all of the natural beauty Maryland has to offer!


Could someone in your life use a bit of your expertise, Libra? You've got smarts, and a friend or loved one might really need your help! If someone seems like they're struggling with something you can give input on, don't be afraid to let them know that you can be relied upon. They'll really appreciate it! 


Are you trying to do everything at once this month? Multi-tasking might feel productive in the moment, but giving one thing your whole focus could be a lot more helpful in the long run. Do one thing well instead of trying to do it all and getting frustrated that those things aren't up to par! 


Someone from the past may pop up in your life this month, but there's nothing wrong with leaving past friendships or relationships in the past, especially if things ended on a bad note! Don't feel obligated to let them back into your life -- not everyone who you used to know belongs in your present. 


Giving someone the cold shoulder is never as effective as just communicating, Cap! Don't make other people play your guessing games in order to figure out what's wrong. Be straightforward and say what you mean, and if you get an apology, accept it. 


Is there someone in your life who's great at planning, Aquarius? Get in touch with them this month, and start turning your idle ideas into fun, concrete plans! A road trip, a concert, whatever you like...start chatting and start nailing down the details, and a fun summer will await you. 


Kindness costs nothing, but it can pay off big-time. You'll never truly know how much your own acts of kindness can affect other people! There's something magical about the fact that you can have such a significant effect that you aren't fully aware of, so continue your campaign of kindness all month long. 


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