Keep Those Cans Cool This Summer!

Summer in Maryland is pretty darn hot, and that means you’re going to want to keep a nice cool drink on hands at all times! Whether you’re at a big cookout, relaxing under the beach umbrella, or sitting on a blanket at an outdoor concert, you’re not going to want to reach for your beverage only to find it’s gone warm (yuck). Check out the koozies we have to help you show off your Maryland style:

1 House Bohemian Black Koozie 

We’re as sad as anybody else that Game of Thrones is over, but at least you can rock your pride in House Bohemian all summer long -- this koozie’s perfect for your mead and ale.

2 You Had Me At Old Bay Navy Koozie

Old Bay...what else does a Marylander need? Nothing at all (except maybe a koozie to keep the drinks cold).

Natty Boh Surfer Dude Black Koozie

Surf’s up -- hold my drink! This koozie is here to do exactly that, and keep it cool and free of sand while you’re out in the water.

Home Is Where the Old Bay Is Koozie

If there’s Old Bay in the house, that place is home. And this koozie is a good reminder of that, especially if you’re taking it to a crab feast!

National Bohemian Baseball Bat Koozie

Baseball is the game of the summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with a warm drink. This orange baseball Boh koozie has your back!

Bohcean City Koozie

Who doesn’t love cracking open a cold drink while they’re sitting on the beach blanket in Bohcean City? You’ll love it even more when you have this koozie.

Full Old Bay Can Koozie

Put this koozie on your drink, and it’ll be just like drinking out of a can of Old Bay! Except, you know, a lot less dry and spicy.

Old Bay Warhol Koozie

It’s time to get artsy! This Warhol-inspired koozie is as colorful as an artist’s palette, and it’ll keep your drink cool too.

Oh Boy What A Beer Koozie

Everyone loves the classic National Bohemian ad! Even if you’re not drinking the iconic beer, you can still enjoy its vintage look.

10 I Like It Spicy Koozie

Like it spicy? Well, you’re gonna need a cold drink to wash down that spice, right? This koozie will keep it so.


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