It's Febrewary! Celebrate With These Route One Apparel Items

Happy Febrewary, Marylanders! This month is the perfect time to pick up some of your favorite local beers, or you can try a few new ones that you've never considered before. But to enjoy your Maryland brews properly, you'll need glasses, can coolers, and more. We've got you covered! Check out our recommendations below. 

Don't forget to check out our alcohol delivery page -- we've paired with some amazing local brewers and distillers to bring you some local beers and spirits! Just click here to check it out. And don't forget to enjoy responsibly, and only if you're over 21.

Blue Crabs and Sea Shells Beer Glass

Any day can be a day at the beach when you drink your favorite beers out of this ocean-inspired beer glass! The design features shells, coral, and -- what else?-- a blue crab! 

Old Bay Retro Swirl Can Cooler

Whether you're nostalgic for the good old days or you're just an old soul, you'll love this groovy, retro Old Bay design! This can cooler is purposely designed to look aged and well-loved -- perfect for any Marylander who wants to enjoy a jam band and a good brew. 

Crab Claw Bottle Opener

Getting into your favorite bottle of beer shouldn't be a chore. This claw-shaped opener will leave you feeling anything but crabby! Pop right into a local beer with this cute tool that can hang from your keychain or lanyard.

Maryland Flag Silicone Pint Glass

No need to worry about breaking this sturdy glass! It's made from silicone, so a slip and fall won't leave it broken. Even better, it features a bright and bold Maryland flag design that will make it the favorite of your kitchen cupboard. 

Utz Crab Chips Cork Coaster

Don't leave a ring on your nice kitchen island or coffee table! Keep things clean with this Utz crab chip-inspired coaster that is as useful as it is decorative. The only downside? It might lead to a craving for Utz every time you use it! 

Maryland Sailboats Etched Pint Glass

Sail away with this elegant etched pint glass! You'll love pouring a cold one into this beautiful kitchen item -- all of your favorite beers will taste a little better when they come from this Maryland-proud glass. It makes a great gift for any fan of Maryland nautical life, too. 

Crab, Mallet,and Old Bay Slim Can Cooler

Prefer the drinks that come in slim cans? Don't you worry -- we've got them covered, literally! They'll stay nice and cool in this special-sized cooler that features Old Bay tins, crabs, and wooden mallets. We'll toast to that! 


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