It’s Wine Time!

Whether you prefer reds or white wines, you know a glass of vino is the perfect thing to drink on a warm summer night. Though Route One Apparel doesn’t yet own a vineyard (ugh, the dream), we do have plenty of products for wine-lovers to help them enjoy the many great wines that are produced here in the Old Line State. Products like these:

Pastel Crab Wine Charms 

We’ve all been there -- setting our wine glasses down and then forgetting which one belongs to which person. These fun charms will eliminate any of that from happening!


Maryland Flag Wine Opener

What good is wine if you can’t get the bottle open? This colorful flag wine opener makes a great host or hostess gift, too.

Ravens Boh Crabs and O's Helvetica Wineglass

A list of all of the things Maryland does best is right here on your glass...though we think that ‘wine’ should be added to that list. 

Maryland Full Flag Wine Glass

A fun and vibrant crab pattern belongs on all of your stuff, so why should your wine glass be any exception? You’ll want to drink everything out of this gorgeous glass! 

Old Bay Can Wine Koozie

Keeping your wine bottle insulated has never been easy, thanks to the spicy goodness that is Old Bay. Bonus -- you get all the charm and none of the spicy flavor that might not taste so good in wine. 

6 May Contain Maryland Wine Shirt

It’s only fair to let people know, right? This cheeky t-shirt is perfect for brunchtime or a visit to a winery. 

7 Maryland Full Flag Crab Wine Koozie With Strap

What’s even more useful than a wine koozie? One with a strap for easy transport! This makes a great gift for anyone who appreciates wine as much as you do.

Maryland Wine Tasting is My Favorite Sport Hoodie

Keep warm and snug while letting everyone know where you truly excel -- tasting Maryland wines. If they gave out medals for this, you’d have the gold. 

9 You Can't Sip With Us Shirt

Sorry, but not everyone can sip with you! That’s just how it is, and this funny tee is sure to get the message across. 

10 Maryland Local Stemless Wineglass 

Show off your local pride! This stemless wine glass is perfect for the Maryland native who plans to stay for good (after all, there’s plenty of good wine here!). 


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