If Maryland Had Game of Thrones Houses

Eva Niessner

If Maryland Had Game of Thrones Houses

If you're not watching Game of Thrones, you're really missing out -- it seems like everybody is obsessed with this show these days, whether they're in it for the dragons, the direwolves or the good-looking cast. (Hey, no judgment!) Westeros is an incredible fantasy world full of gorgeous symbology -- and like the people of Westeros, Marylanders are really obsessed with representing themselves! So what houses would exist in Maryland, if we were part of Westeros? 


House Appalachia

Words: Mountains All Around

Sigil: Black bear

The Marylanders of this house call the gorgeous mountains of Western Maryland home. They're fond of hiking and fall foliage, and are fans of the simple things in life -- after all, big cities aren't all they're cracked up to be. They're the ones you'll want around if you're part of an adventuring party that needs serious survival skills. The woods and wilds have nothing on these hardy, intelligent folks!


House Hon

Words: Hey Hon!

Sigil: A beehive

The members of this house are all about friendship, parties, comradery and wearing the finest fashions! They're naturals at meeting new people, but can sometimes come off as intimidating because they're so gregarious -- luckily, they're quick to prove that they're some of the truest friends around. If you can master the slang and the hairstyle, you'll be sure to be welcomed right into the ranks of this tight-knit House.


House Chesapeake

Words: Pass The Old Bay

Sigil: Blue crab

Surprised? We didn't think so. Those who belong to House Chesapeake love summer, sailing, crab feasts and living by the water. They're friendly to everyone and visitors love spending time with the people of this house -- it's always a good time when they're around! (Of course, the real members of this House prove their worth through expert crab picking, and if you want to join their ranks, you better show your stuff!).


House Lax

Words: Do You Even Play Lax, Bro?

Sigil: Two crossed lacrosse sticks

The people who belong to House Lax love being active! They're a competitive group, and nothing feels better to them than winning a competition. But they're fun to spend time with, and adore spending time outdoors. The members of this House are great runners and sportsmen and women, and you'd be smart to bet on one at a tourney. Just don't cross them -- they're vicious if they've been angered, and they definitely know how to wield that lacrosse stick! 


House Byrds

Words: Lose A Game, Nevermore!

Sigil: A raven and an oriole flying together

The Marylanders who belong to House Byrds have team spirit like nobody's business -- and they're sure to let everyone else know about it! When they flock together, they're practically undefeatable. Whether it's a sultry summer day at Camden Yards or a crisp fall day at M&T Bank, these loyal and boisterous folks are part of a House that's always happy to welcome new members. 




House Berger

Words: Life Is Sweet

Sigil: A delicious Berger cookie, of course! 

The sweetest people you'll ever meet are those in House Berger! If you've ever watched Game of Thrones or read the books they're based on, you know food's a huge part of it, and those in House Berger are amazing cooks and bakers. It's not just their creations that are sweet -- these folks have a heart of gold, and can't wait to introduce visitors to every part of Maryland. For their talents and personality, they've got to be invited to every feast!


House Bohemian

Words: Oh Boy, What A House

Sigil: Mr. Boh

Nothing gets these jolly folks down, not even, say, missing an eye! Life is worth celebrating for the folks in this House, and there's always ale -- er, pilsner -- on hand to toast friends, family and the world in general. The people in this house are popular, and even with that one eye, they'll spot another one of them from a mile away! They're born diplomats and are the perfect people to speak for their city or organization (and aren't going to lose their heads, literally, in the process). Bonus -- the folks in this House even have a shirt!

Do you have ideas for a Maryland-themed GOT House? We want to hear it! 

All photos via Pexels and Pixabay

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