How to Showcase Your MD Pride at Preakness

The fashion stakes are never higher than at the Preakness! If you’re planning to dress up to the nines for the race, well, you’ve got to add some new threads to your wardrobe to ensure that you meet the high standards of Maryland’s fanciest. Don’t worry -- we can help.

Calvert and Crosslands Pre-Tied Bow Tie

First thing’s first -- bow ties. They’re essential for gents who want to look their fanciest, and this one is pre-tied, so you can spend more time on grooming and dressing.

Enamel Crab Bangle Bracelet

A striking black-and-gold bangle is ideal for any woman at the racetrack who wants to stay MD-color coordinated and wants to add a bit of bling to her look!


Embroidered Natty Boh Purple Self Tie Bow Tie

Maybe you’re drinking something fancier than a Boh at the racetrack, but that doesn’t mean the iconic brand can’t make an appearance at the racetrack. Bring it along in bow tie form!

Maryland Flag Dress Heels

Going full formal with your Preakness look? We’ve got heels, too! It doesn’t hurt that you’ll be a bit taller -- all the better to see the racetrack.

Maryland Full Flag Crab Cufflinks

A fancy man wears cufflinks, don’t you know? Celebrate your love of this Maryland-centric event with this perfectly dandy accessory.


Ravens and Bohs and Crabs and O's Tie

Celebrate all of the things you love about Maryland at the racetrack on the big day with this fun yet formal tie -- seriously, it’s the best of both worlds!

Maryland Flag Cork Wedge Heels

If Preakness lands on the perfect spring day, you’ll be glad you have this pair of fun and unusual wedge sandals that incorporate a perfectly Maryland motif.

Maryland Flag Flower Lapel Pin

Feeling bold? A MD flag-colored lapel flower is going to get you noticed all day long, and it’s the perfect accent for a fun yet formal men’s look.

Blue Crab Bracelet

That final touch is easy as slipping on a silver bracelet -- one that all of the other ladies at the racetrack will be asking you about. Seriously, we can’t think of a better race day fashion statement!


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