How To Have An Old Bay Thanksgiving

Eva Niessner

How To Have An Old Bay Thanksgiving

Turkey day is almost here! There's nothing better than all of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes -- the turkey, the potatoes, the veggies and rolls, and all of that delicious dessert. Well....actually...the meal COULD be a little bit better. There's no way around the fact that Old Bay makes everything so, so much more tasty. And we're here to let you know that there are many ways to add a sprinkle of Old Bay to your favorite Thanksgiving treats! 

First up, the main event -- we're talking turkey. Brining is a popular way to prepare the Thanksgiving bird, and this recipe from Patio Daddio BBQ gives you tips on making a delicious brine concoction. There are plenty of ingredients in this brine, but what really gives it the kick is the Old Bay (obviously!). Brining adds plenty of moisture to your turkey, and the Old Bay flavor added in will have your guests licking their plates! You can even add more autumn flavor to your turkey brine with an apple-brined turkey -- featuring a healthy dose of Old Bay in the recipe, of course. 
Potatoes are another essential for the Thanksgiving table. These quartered and roasted potatoes from Genius Kitchen require just three ingredients -- potatoes, butter, and a nice healthy heaping of Old Bay. Can't get any simpler than that -- or tastier! If you'd prefer a taste of sweet potatoes, well, no need to worry. Martha Stewart has your back! This recipe is only three ingredients too. As long as you have sweet potatoes, extra virgin olive oil and Old Bay, you're all set. (Martha, can we make you an honorary Marylander?)
We know you like it spicy -- even at Thanksgiving!
Pre-dinner snacks are another important part of Thanksgiving -- what other holiday lets you pre-game food with more food? We're a big fan of spicy, simple snacks like Old Bay Chex Mix, which couldn't be easier to make. (Way, way better than the stuff you get off the shelf! It really pays off to make some of these yourself, especially since you can add more Old Bay if you like.) Want to take the fanciness up a notch? Impress your new significant other's family at Thanksgiving this year by bringing some oven-roasted Old Bay chickpeas. Forget plain old hummus -- roasting (and adding Old Bay) takes the humble chickpea to a whole new level. And if they're from out of state, this is a great way to introduce them to the wonders of Old Bay seasoning!
Most people, even the most die-hard Marylanders, would not immediately associate the taste of Old Bay with dessert. But there are a few ways to incorporate your favorite spice blend into a dessert recipe! One way is to whip up some homemade Old Bay and potato chip ice cream -- we know it sounds a little out there, but if you're a spicy-salty-sweet fan, this will hit the spot. But if you're looking for something a little bit more traditional to finish up your Thanksgiving feast, why not try a twist on pecan pie? These mini spicy crust bourbon pecan pies call for cinnamon and ancho chili powder, but we bet you could sub in Old Bay to get that perfectly Maryland taste. 
Can't get enough Old Bay this Thanksgiving? You don't have to stop at just food -- why not wear one of our Old Bay apparel items to the table this year! Just be sure not to drip any gravy on what's sure to be your new favorite item! 

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