Here's Why We Love Where We're From

There's a reason that Maryland is called America in miniature. Nearly anything that you can find in this country, you can find right here in the Free State. We've got mountains, we've got beaches, we've got wild forests and bustling cities. It's no wonder that people who live here absolutely love where they're from! No matter what region they hail from, Marylanders have strong feelings of love for their region. 
We got so many responses to our "Love Where You're From" contest on Facebook. People submitted incredible photos and gave heartfelt descriptions of the areas they call and have called home. So, what did they say? Let's find out. 
Photo by Rachel on Facebook
The Eastern Shore
Wildlife abounds in this gorgeous part of the state! Those who live on the shore can spot blue herons, bald eagles, and fish of all kinds. Of course, the critters aren't the only thing that makes this part of Maryland special. So many entries described the peace of being in nature and the sense of getting away from it all. Other folks focused on the nostalgia around Ocean City, a place where Marylanders young and old have made lifetime memories. 
Photo by Cameron on Facebook
Western MD 
The ancient mountains and serene farmland of Western Maryland makes it a dream for so many residents! The people who live here describe the peace of rural life, pride in the area's rich history, and awe at its natural beauty. From its waterfalls to its small towns full of friendly people, Western Maryland has a hold on the folks who live here!
Photo by Kim on Facebook
Central MD
The folks who call the central region of Maryland home love its versatility! After all, they've got access to rolling farmland, bustling towns, forests and state parks, and charming old cities, without having to go far at all. Central Marylanders love having it all and appreciate that there's something from everyone, like shopping in Frederick and hiking in Patapsco. 
Photo by Sean on Facebook
Chesapeake Region
It's no surprise that the people who live around the Chesapeake Bay take a deep pride in it! It's a source of delicious blue crabs, the commanding Bay Bridge, and some really awesome sunset photos. Chesapeake Bay residents love the local food, the small towns, and the ease of access to big cities. 
Photo by Aimee on Facebook
Baltimore City
We couldn't forget about Charm City! Baltimore residents and visitors alike are charmed by its striking architecture, its unique history, and its diverse population. The residents and visitors love that it's a big city with a small-town feeling -- after all, they don't call it 'Smalltimore' for nothing. Marylanders love to come here to catch a ball game or see the sights.  
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