Happy National Potato Chip Day! 5 Ways to Celebrate

What's so special about March 14? Well, it's not just that it's the day that the clocks spring forward in 2021. It's also National Potato Chip Day! Here in Maryland, there's one particular brand of chips that we love more than any other, and that's Utz. The Utz girl is an icon around these parts, and for good reason -- those chips are just so tasty! So let's find out how to celebrate Utz chips on a day like today.

1. Learn a bit about the history of Utz.

Did you know that Utz began selling chips out of a kitchen in 1921 -- 100 years ago? Or that Utz produces over 3.3 million pounds of snacks in a single week? Now's the time to find out some fun facts about your favorite chips, and you can head to the Utz website to find out more about the customer's history! (And hopefully, sometime soon, you can even go back for the factory tour). 

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2. Find out how to use chips in recipes.

Chips taste great straight out of the bag, don't get us wrong. But they taste incredible in cookies, mac and cheese, casseroles, and even mini shepherd's pies. Is your mouth already watering? We don't blame you -- grab a bag of Utz chips, click on this link, and check out a few of the easy, tasty things you can whip up with a few potato chips. 


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3. Find out which chip is most popular in your social circle.

Do crab chips reign supreme, or are the classic original chips the most beloved in your friend group? You won't know until you find out! Create a poll, or, if you're really ambitious, create a March Madness-style bracket (hey, listen, it's March!) to see which chip comes out on top. And let us know which one is the fave (and if you agree). 

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4. Learn a few chip-related hacks.

Listen, there's nothing sadder than realizing all of your chips have gone stale. But with this hack, you don't have to ever deal with stale Utz chips ever again -- and you don't even need a bag clip. Need a bowl? Another hack can save you the need to find or wash a container for your favorite snack. All you need to do is follow these instructions to turn the bag into a bowl. 

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5. Duh -- go buy a bag of chips! 

It's just that obvious! Go get yourself a bag of chips today. Sure, everything in moderation is important (so maybe just stick with a single serving lunch bag), but so is enjoying beloved local treat. Whether you love crab chips, BBQ chips, classic chips or sour cream and onion chips best, you've earned yourself a treat today. 

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