Fellas, don't get upstaged this Preakness

When it comes to Preakness fashion, most eyes are on the ladies. And it’s not hard to see why! The elegant dresses, the bright colors...and of course, first and foremost, those hats. But that doesn’t mean that the gentlemen can’t strut their stuff.

Maryland Race Day Light Yellow Tie

A tie is a must-have for any fella who wants to look his very best on race day. After all, there’s nothing that adds instant class faster than a snazzy tie! This one features a jaunty series of jockey jackets that makes it the perfect choice for Preakness.

Embroidered Black Maryland Horse Racing Tie

Maybe you’d rather go with something even more equestrian than jockey threads. How about a jockey and horse pattern? This tie’s got it in Maryland colors, and you’re going to get so many compliments from the ladies when you’re wearing it on race day.

Black Eyed Susan Cufflinks

Of course, if you’re aiming for an even fancier look, you know what you need? Cuff links, that’s what. Seriously, is there anything that commands respect quite like a pair of cuff links? The black-eyed susan motif is perfect, whether you’re at the racetrack or not.

Maryland Flag Flower Fabric Lapel Pin

A lapel pin is an easy way to show people that you’re lots of fun but also know how to be fancy, and that’s a Preakness combination if we’ve ever heard one! Pin it right to your lapel and enjoy all eyes on you all day long.

Embroidered Natty Boh Self-Tie Bow Tie

Did you know that bow ties are back in style in a major way? It’s true -- but of course, you’re not going to be stepping out in just any old bow tie. The Boh logo is sure to add a pop of fun, and everyone’s going to want to know where you got it. Even if you don’t bet on the first-place horse, you’re going to feel like a winner.


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