Enjoy Your Favorite Iced Drinks With These Hacks

Summer is here, and that means hot, sticky, humid Maryland weather is here too. Luckily, there are cold drinks to the rescue! Your favorite iced coffees and teas, sodas, and waters are all ready to keep you from getting too hot. Want to keep them as flavorful and cool as possible? These hacks can help. 

1. Make a spin on the classic Arnold Palmer

Freeze black tea in an ice cube tray, then add the tea cubes to a glass of refreshing lemonade. By the time the ice melts, it'll add some pleasant tea flavor to your drink, giving you an Arnold Palmer that's perfect for hot days. 

2. Freeze your favorite beverage into ice cubes

Never sip watery coffee or tea again! Instead of making ice cubes with water, you can just put your favorite drinks into the ice cube trays. When it comes time to make a beverage, fill your tumbler with coffee or tea ice. Voila! The melted cubes won't water your drink down.

Keep your iced coffee cold with our coolers! 

3. Create your own syrups instead of buying them

No, flavored syrups don't just exist at the store or the coffee shop! You can make your favorites in bulk at home -- all you need are a few simple ingredients, and you can easily add extra flavor to your favorite drinks. You can also control the sweetness or experiment with making your own flavors. 

4. Turn your soda into a slushie

Soda is good, but slushies are even better! This recipe shows you how to take the soda of your choice and turn it into a summertime treat. All you need is a soda bottle (plastic is ideal -- glass could break using this method) and a freezer. 

5. Fancy up the ice in your beverage

Why not make your ice as beautiful as it is refreshing? Arrange cut berries, herbs like mint or lavender, or pieces of cucumber into the ice cube tray, then freeze. The fragrant additions will make your water, tea, coffee or soda even more flavorful. And they'll make your drink look picture-perfect, too! 

Don't forget the tumbler! 


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