Cool Down With A Lemon Stick

Close your eyes. Picture a tasty, minty, sour, refreshing, summery treat that will make you feel a million times better when the weather here in Maryland is sticky and gross. What are you imagining? Did you think of the lemon stick? 

If you're a Baltimore native, chances are that the lemon stick is your go-to when it comes to warm-weather delights! (That, or the Maryland snowball, of course.) 

But maybe you've never heard of a lemon stick before. You might be scratching your head, wondering what this is all about. Well, creating a lemon stick couldn't be simpler. All you need is a lemon that's been cut in half and a peppermint candy stick -- preferably one that has some kind of hole in the center so it can act as a straw. Drive the peppermint stick into the flesh of the lemon half, and you're all set. Don't be skeptical! Though lemon and peppermint might not seem like a natural combination, they complement one another perfectly. 

So where did this local treat come from? Local lore says they were popularized in the early days of FlowerMart, Baltimore's oldest free public festival. The market started in 1911, and the treats were being sold even back then. But where did FlowerMart's first patrons get them? The stories range from France to New Orleans, but the true origin of the lemon stick is a bit murky. What we do know is that we're happy to have them here. 

The lemon stick isn't just a snack, after all. They're one of Maryland's many iconic foods! So it's not hard to find other things that have been inspired by the lemon stick. If you want to capture that distinctive flavor for your home, we've got a lemon peppermint candle. We've also got kitchen products that will add that perfect local touch to your decor, like this lemon stick kitchen towel

Is your mouth watering yet? It's time for a lemon stick. 



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