Are You Ready For the Beach? Grab These 10 Items!

Ahh, the beach. Memorial Day marks the start of the seaside season, and that means it's time to pack up the car and head downy ocean! Want to know what products we recommend you have with you when you go to your favorite local beach? Read on.

1. Natty Boh Beach Towel

What's the beach without a good towel to lay out on? This Natty Boh towel is ideal for Maryland beachgoers! 

2. Old Bay Crab Feast Reusable Bag

You need to carry all your stuff down to the shore -- sunscreen, towels, sunglasses, Berger cookies. This bag's not just for shopping! Tote all your beach stuff in this bag.

3. Maryland Full Flag Crab Board Shorts

Splashing in the water is just more fun in a pair of Route One board shorts! This bold pattern will have all eyes on you. 

4. Hon Life Glitter Tumbler

Staying hydrated at the beach is key, especially on those super-hot Maryland summer days! Sip pretty from this Baltimore-inspired tumbler.

5. UMD Testudo Hawaiian Shirt

Okay, even if you're not in Hawaii, you can rock your alma mater in this Testudo-themed tee that's perfect for vacation mode. 

6. Old Bay Can Iced Coffee Cooler

Don't let your iced coffee get warm! This Old Bay can-themed cooler will keep it crisp while you sip under your umbrella.

7. Hoop Tea Trucker Hat

Hoop Tea is an Ocean City favorite, so why not show off your love for this local brew with a mesh trucker hat that'll keep the sun out of your eyes, too?

8. Baltimore Humor Crab Rat Lacrosse Shirt

Done tanning for the day? Put on a funny tee that'll be sure to make the locals chuckle. 

9. Original Utz Chips Cooler

Your snacks and drinks will taste even better when they come out of this Utz-themed cooler! Don't forget to bring some chips, of course. 

10. Natty Boh Surf Bikini Top

A bikini top is essential for the beach, but this one is perfect for the vacationing Marylander who loves to while away time with the Natty Boh man. 


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