Add Old Bay to Your Thanksgiving Feast!

Thanksgiving is coming up quick -- before you know it, we'll be gathered 'round the table, eating our favorite holiday foods, like turkey, veggies, and mac and cheese. But what if we could make those foods even better, even more Maryland? Well, good news! We've gathered up a few recipes that can make it happen. From McCormick's website to food blogs, we've found a way to add an Old Bay twist to all of your favorite recipes. 

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First, let's talk turkey. There's no way you can have Thanksgiving without turkey! And like any meat, turkey just tastes better with an Old Bay twist. This recipe from Salt & Sprinkles has you make an Old Bay butter slathering for your bird. If you happen to have leftovers, well, we've got a plan for them, too. A soup with turkey and Old Bay will warm you up on a chilly day -- this one comes from Food Network. 

Next, it's time to think about sides. Mashed potatoes are great already, but what if they had more Old Bay? We gotcha! These sumptuous mashed potatoes from Tiny Kitchen City Livin will be the star of the show. And you can't forget about the mac and cheese, either. It doesn't get more Maryland than this crabby, cheesy recipe from Food Network! 

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We don't always like to eat our veggies, but pretty much every Marylander will eat them when they've got Old Bay on them. This One Lovely Life recipe is perfect for vegan and paleo dinner guests! You can even jazz up some coleslaw with this spice mix -- McCormick has your back with a recipe here

Does Old Bay go on dessert? We're going to argue that yes, it does, and we've got McCormick's website to back us up! Add some heat to the dessert table by making up a batch of this Old Bay chocolate bark. You can even box some up to send home with your guests for an unforgettable meal. 

So what are you waiting for? Your Old Bay can is in the pantry -- it's time to put it to good use in your Thanksgiving meal. Bon appetit! 


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