Street Team Spotlight: Zeke Waisel

Hi Friends!

Its time now folks, for another installment of Street Team Spotlight! This week we are spotlighting Route One Apparel's resident funny guy, Zeke Waisel! Get to know him and his great personality!

Hometown: Sharon, MA

Any nicknames? Zekey

Major and Year: Horticulture and Crop Production, 2014

School: University of Maryland

What do you do besides Route One? I am the social chair for Beta Theta Pi

Favorite thing to do on a Sunday? sleep in late, go out for a walk on the mall

When do the funniest things happen to you while out? Always with RouteOneApparel

Favorite University of Maryland bar? Cornerstone

Favorite drunk food? Papa John's Pizza with Pineapple

Place you want to visit most? Australia

If you could have a superpower what would it be? Telekinesis

What can't you go a day without? Candy

Celebrity crush? Ali von Paris

How would your friends describe you? Loyal, funny 

Where would we most likely find you on the weekend? Sitting in my house chilling or at the bars

Favorite moment in R1: Cornerstone/Bentley's Promotion

Want to know even more about Zeke? Follow this guy on twitter @zwaisel !!!!

Be on the look out for our next installment of Street Team Spotlight!

We love our Street Team and so should you!

-Route One Apparel


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