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7 Ways (Safely) To Enjoy The Cold Weather

Eva Niessner

7 Ways (Safely) To Enjoy The Cold Weather

The holiday season may be over, but that doesn't mean that we're all done with enjoying winter! Chilly days are ahead, and who knows? Maybe we'll even get more snow here in Maryland! Either way, we know a few ways to best enjoy the cold weather -- check 'em out here.

1. Go for a nature walk...

Whether you're looking for local birds like cardinals and red-tailed hawks or you just enjoy being in the woods, you can get some fresh air and stay clear of the crowds by going on a nature walk. Go solo or bring your roommate, sibling, or furry friend! 

Stay warm while you're walking! Be sure to wear your beanie

2... and then warm up with a hot drink!

Who says hot chocolate is only for December? Chilly January and February days deserve some cocoa just as much, complete with giant marshmallows! Don't have a sweet tooth? Savor a nice hot cup of local coffee or tea instead. 

A tasty drink requires the perfect mug, like this crab chip mug

3. Spend some time coloring

No, coloring is definitely not just for kids! Make the most of your chilly days off by putting on your favorite sweats and settling down with a coloring page. Bonus: you're giving your eyes a break from the phone or computer screen, too. 

We've got a free -- yep, free-fifty-free--coloring book for you to download here

4. Start a Zoom book club

We're not able to gather at each other's homes for a traditional book club just yet, but that doesn't mean we can't have a book club at all! Grab a few friends and take turns choosing a book that will whisk you away from the winter blues. Then, dish about it in a Zoom chat. (Best part? No need to bundle up and go out!)

If you believe that a book club pairs well with your favorite wine, well, don't forget the wineglass

5. Snuggle up for a movie marathon

Missing movie theaters? Maybe it's time for a winter movie marathon at home. You can opt for winter-themed films like Happy Feet or Groundhog Day, or you can eschew themes and just pick what you like. Set the temperature as you please, talk all you like, and pause for bathroom breaks.

Movies need popcorn, and this cheesy flavor is sure to please! 

6. Whip up a soup or stew

Soups and stews are the essential winter fare! We're talking chicken noodle, broccoli cheddar, and of course we can't forget Maryland crab. Even amateur cooks can put together a tasty, warming, and filling meal in their crock pot or right on the stove. And you can make enough to save for later, so you can enjoy your favorites for days to come. 

Don't forget the crabby potholder!

7. Master a board game 

You may have watched all of the episodes of the Queen's Gambit, but have you considered trying to master chess yourself? Test your skills against your housemates or family members! If chess isn't your thing, engage the whole household in a marathon Monopoly game, or keep it simple with checkers instead. And don't forget that you can play plenty of games online with friends who are also quarantining! 

Want to really impress your friends? Master the Old Bay Rubik's Cube!

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