7 Products Every Maryland Kitchen Needs

Whether you're heading to your first college apartment this fall or you're just trying to make your current kitchen as functional as it can be, it's important to have a few basics! We've got a huge selection of kitchen things, but these are some that you'll use all the time when you're cooking, baking, and more. 

Blue Crab Potholder

Whether you're whipping up gourmet meals or you're more of a frozen lasagna chef, you'll need a pot holder to keep hot foods moving! This one is blue and white and features a fun, Maryland-proud crab design.

Black Eyed Susan Etched Pint Glass

Plastic cups are great for parties, but you'll be even happier when you have some real glass pint glasses in your cupboard. Things just taste better when you're drinking from them -- whether you're sipping a favorite brew or some ice cold milk. 

Hon's Local Honey

Honey is great for your tea, your desserts, your bread, even savory dishes...it's simply a must-have! Support local women when you buy it from Hon's Honey, and feel good about your purchase of something sweet. 

Too Hot to Handle Bistro Mug

Coffee, chai, or hot chocolate...it all tastes good from a mug that's this cute! This bistro-style mug is perfect for sipping from before work or after a long day, and you'll save some money by making your drinks at home instead of hitting up the coffee shop every day. 

Lemon Stick Kitchen Towel

The lemon stick is a Baltimore classic, and you can capture a little bit of its vintage charm with this kitchen towel! Brighten up even the smallest kitchen space with this colorful and cheerful accessory that's practical, too. 

Old Bay Can With Crab Cutting Board

Cutting meat, vegetables, or fruit? You're going to need a cutting board, of course! This one features a crab and a tin of Old Bay to remind you just how amazing Maryland cooking can be. Bonus: it doubles as gorgeous kitchen decor! 

Old Bay Hot Sauce

Making wings? Making burgers? Making...well, anything? You'll want some Old Bay hot sauce in your kitchen so you can always add that spicy, tangy flavor to your favorite foods. Buy a few (or the 64 oz size) to ensure you won't run out for a long time! 



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