7 Blankets To Keep You Warm This Fall

When the weather starts to get chilly, there's nothing quite like a blanket to make you feel toasty and cozy again! And as luck would have it, we've got plenty of blankets for sale. No matter what part of Maryland you love best or what local food is your fave, we've got the right blanket for you! 

Natty Boh Blanket

Life is a lot more pleasant when you're not shivering! This blanket is perfect for curling up under after a night out at your favorite bar with friends.

Annapolis Mural Blanket

What could be a better gift for your friend who lives in Annapolis? When it's too nippy to walk out by the water, you can still enjoy the beautiful sights of Naptown with this blanket.

Old Bay Seasoning Plates, Seafood, and Mallet Pattern Blanket 

We believe that Old Bay doesn't just belong in food! We also want to wrap ourselves in that classic Maryland flavor. Now, thanks to this blanket, you can make it happen. 

UMD "M" Logo Blanket

Whether you want to harken back to the good old college days or you're still currently living in the dorms on campus, this blanket will warm the hearts -- and bodies -- of all UMD grads and students! 

Maryland Flag Blanket

Come on, you can't beat the classics! If you've always wanted to drape the Maryland flag itself around you, well, we've got good news. It'll look great on your couch, but it's fluffy and cozy, too. 

Utz Chip Blanket

What could be better that digging into a fresh bag of Utz chips? Doing so while covered in this mouthwatering blanket design, of course! This is ideal for any potato chip fanatic! 

Deep Creek Mural Blanket

Fall in the mountains of western MD can be bitter, but you've got this gorgeous blanket to keep you warm on your autumn getaway! It's as pretty as it is practical thanks to its mural design.


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