6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Maryland

Happy Earth Day, Maryland! Today is a great reminder of how much natural beauty exists here in the Old Line State, and how important it is to protect that beauty. If you’re thinking about living a greener, more eco-friendly life, there are small but meaningful steps you can take. Check out a few of our suggestions here below. 


Ditch the single-use water bottles 

This one might be the simplest switch. Instead of buying the big packs of single-use plastic water bottles from the grocery store, snag a reusable tumbler or water bottle (you know we’ve got you covered!) and drink from that throughout the day instead. Don’t like the taste of tap water? A faucet filter will clean things up so you can enjoy fresh, tasty water the green way. 

BYOB (Bring your own bags!)

Here’s another easy green hack! Instead of bringing home your groceries in those single-use plastic bags, opt for something durable that you can use over and over. Bonus points if they’re made from recycled material! (Check out the bags we have to offer here.) As for that big pile of grocery bags that are taking over the underside of your sink? Use them as trash can liners or stash a few in your car for easy tidying.

Shop for local foods 

Instead of buying foods that required a lot of gas and transportation, you can save the Earth by shopping for local meats, veggies, fruits, and baked goods! Check out local farmer’s markets, shops, and dairies to get the foods that were produced and processed right here in Maryland. An added bonus to doing this? You’ll be supporting local businesses, too! And we all want to see Maryland businesses succeed.

Plant local vegetation

Which plants attract local butterflies, bees, and moths? It’s a good idea to check before you start planting! This website does a great job of breaking it down. Just enter your zip code and find out what flowers, trees, grasses and shrubs to get planting in order to make your native insects happy and healthy. 

Go paperless

We’ve all got bills, but chances are, you’re letting the paper pile up on your dining table or desk. Who needs all that clutter and all that waste? Not you, Maryland! Make the switch to paperless billing for your electric, phone, and credit card bills. It’s a lot easier to pull them up online, and the trees will thank you for going to the trouble. 

Get in touch with a local environmental org

Wish you could get out and get your hands dirty? You can! Make the most of your time, energy and enthusiasm by helping out with local orgs that are devoted to cleaning up local waterways, picking up litter, and protecting Maryland wildlife. Here’s a list of organizations you can check out depending on your location and your interests -- and if you don’t have time to get out there, you can donate instead.


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