5 Ways To Wear Your R1A Pins

Pins have never been more popular than they are now (well, maybe back in the days of flair, but still). And we've got a seriously cool series of pins for you to wear. So once you get an awesome collection together, how can you best show it off? We've got a few ideas -- check them out below.

1. On a hat

Want to add a little pop to a plain baseball cap or a beanie? We've got your back. Plain black, red, white or yellow works awfully well with our flag pins (for obvious reasons), but if anybody knows how to make clashing colors stylish, it's us Marylanders, so stick 'em on any hat you like (like a cap you got from the ballgame). 

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2. On a backpack

A backpack provides lots of space for you to add pins, and it'll make it easy to pick yours out in a crowded closet or messy dorm room. Whether yours is too plain for your taste or you want something extra to make it super-personalized, we've got your back. How cute is this googly-eyed Mr. Trash Wheel pin?


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3. On a jean jacket

Come on, this one's obvious! There are plenty of ways to style pins on a jacket, but the lapels and breast pockets are some of the most popular. And there's nothing more classic to pair with it than the waving Maryland flag. If you want to really toughen up the look, try a leather jacket instead (a real Cry-Baby move, wouldn't you say?). 

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4. On a corkboard

Maybe you'd rather leave your pin collection at home. After all, it's less likely for them to get lost or damaged that way! Simply buy a piece of corkboard and cut it into a shape you like, hang it on the wall, and boom -- you've got a canvas for your collection to be spread out across. This Boh pin will look pretty neat on that board! 

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5. On a lanyard

Don't forget about prettying up your lanyard! You wear it all the time for work or on campus, so why not make it as stylish as you are? If jackets aren't your thing (or hey, if it's really hot out), this is a much lighter option. And we have plenty of lanyards to choose from if it's about time for you to get a new one to decorate with pins like this classic can of Boh.

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