5 Ways To Enjoy Valentine's During Quarantine

The pandemic has put a damper on a lot of holidays over the past year. It's made it harder to see our partners that we don't live with, and kept forced those of us who do live with their significant other to figure out how to work from home together (and not get bored or frustrated). But that doesn't mean we have to give up on having a great Valentine's Day! Here are a few tips for Marylanders who want to make things special this year, despite COVID-19.

1. Brave the cold!

Okay, so February in Maryland is not really known for being warm. But if the weather allows -- we're talking sunshine and mild temps -- spend quality time out of the house that you have been stuck in for months and take in some of the state's natural beauty together! Go walking in a state park, or, if you're really ambitious, head on a hike. Not feeling that outdoorsy? A walk around the Baltimore harbor or Maryland Zoo will be just as fun and less hard on the hamstrings.

Don't forget the mask!

2. Curate a care package

If your partner lives out of state, or if they're working in a high-risk environment and don't want to pass any germs to you, you can still make them feel close with a care package designed just for them. Fill it with candy, clothing, accessories, stickers, body care, and more -- and don't forget the handwritten love notes!

3. Support local businesses and treat your partner

Maryland businesses will feel like love when you get takeout from a local spot this Valentine's Day! Everyone wins when you grab food, coffee, beer, or wine from your favorite small business. Can't see your partner on the day itself? Send them a gift card to their favorite local place inside a Valentine's card!

Local coffee tastes better out of this mug! Buy here.

4. Save for a dream trip

This definitely isn't the year to go on that dream cruise in the Caribbean or that hotel in Paris. But if you and your honey are really serious about taking that special trip one day, exchange small gifts and put some cash into a fund for an incredible Valentine's vacay that you can take once the pandemic isn't around anymore. 

5. Show the community how big your heart is

What's your partner's passion? There's a local nonprofit or charity out there that you can support in your sweetheart's name! Make a gift to a Maryland animal shelter, a food bank, a public radio station, or a center for disease research. It's an incredible way to show your partner you care about their beliefs and give back, too. 


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