5 Things You've Got To Know About The Preakness Stakes

Step aside, Kentucky Derby. Get out of here, Belmont Stakes. We all know the second jewel of the Triple Crown--the Preakness Stakes, which take place right in Baltimore, MD--is the real MVP. But maybe you don't know everything you could know about the race. If you want to sound like the ultimate expert on the race, well, have we got good news for you! Read on here:

Okay, start me off with the basics. When is this race?

This year's race will be run on Saturday, May 20. InfieldFest, the concert that accompanies the race every year, features Sam Hunt, Zedd and Good Charlotte. There will be events going on all week--you can check them out here--but the race itself is usually over in a matter of minutes. Still, the fuss and buildup are always what makes the Preakness so much fun! 

How long has the race been going on?

Short answer: a really, really long time!

Long answer: since 1873, two years before the Kentucky Derby was run for the first time. It was named after another horse, which was named after a community in New Jersey, which was supposedly named after a Native American word for 'quail woods'. (Thanks, Wikipedia!) The first winner was named Survivor, which is pretty cool, if you ask us--kind of a Destiny's Child vibe, right? It's always run two weeks after the Kentucky Derby and three weeks before the Belmont Stakes. 

Daydreaming about victory...or should we say, neigh-dreaming?

What happens when a horse wins?

Well, if you placed a bet on it, you make a pretty good amount of money! The owners don't do too shabby, either--the owners of the 2016 Preakness-winning horse won a cool $1.5 million. That'll buy a lot of sugar cubes!

The winning horse is also draped with a Black-Eyed Susan themed flower blanket (although Black-Eyed Susans don't come into bloom for another two months or so, meaning that the florists have to use flowers that look similar. Oh, well). 

What's with the hats and outfits?

Attendees are encouraged to dress to the nines--generally, that entails preppy clothes like big floppy, fancy hats and dressy pastels. Though it tends to not be as formal as the Kentucky Derby, people still like to look nice and evoke a vintage style. Of course, if you plan to be spending more time at InfieldFest than sipping a Black-Eyed Susan (the race's signature cocktail!), you may want to dress more casually. 

What if I do (or don't want) to dress up super fancy? I've got nothing to wear!

We can help you out! Whether you're headed to InfieldFest, a celebration party or just want to mark the occasion, we've got shirts and clothes that will make a statement! Look your very best with our selection of cufflinks, ties, skirts and scarves, or go for a more casual look with our fun tees and tanks. Even babies can get in on the act!

And if you're planning to mix up a batch of Black-Eyed Susan cocktails to serve your friends (recipe here), you'll need something to serve them in! That why we've got the Preakness drinkware you need. 

All right, everybody! May your favored horse run fast, the weather be beautiful, and your questions answered. 

All photos except Get Your Preak On shirt are via Pixabay. 


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