5 Reasons Working With Local Companies Is Absolutely Awesome

Local small businesses are the backbone of just about every community, not just here in Maryland but all over the country. They create 1.5 million new jobs annually in the USA -- pretty impressive. And the time to collab with one or more of them is now! So what makes working with local companies so great, anyway? Well, a solid partnership is a win-win-win. Find out why by reading on.

You’ll make great relationships

It’s never a bad time to build your network! Collaborating with local companies helps both of you get your name out there and introduces you both to new audiences. And if everything goes well, your reputation among community business owners and entrepreneurs will be stellar, meaning that other businesses will want to work with you, too! 

This custom collaboration with A-Town Bar & Grille is making you hungry, huh?

Local customers will get excited

More than ever, customers are stepping up to help protect and support local businesses that have been going through tough times. When your business partners with local companies, you’re showing those customers that you support their favorite places, too. That’s a good look! Local customers will think favorably, and they’ll tell their friends, too. A Nielson poll found that 92% of people trust recommendations from people they’re close to. Impress those local customers, and more will come flocking. 

You’ll help a community thrive

Speaking of helping others who are going through tough times, there’s no overstating how far support for local businesses will go right now. Many communities are losing small but beloved local fixtures, from shops to restaurants -- but they don’t have to! You could provide the ingredient that your local community needs to keep fighting on. COVID-19 has knocked out about 31% of small businesses in the USA, a staggering nearly one-in-three. It doesn’t have to be this way, and you can make a difference. 

How cool is the face mask we've made for BC Brewery in Hunt Valley, MD?

You’ll get plenty of great new ideas 

Sure, you’ve got plenty of creative people on your team, but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from a new perspective. Collaborating with a local company will help you see from another point of view, and you’ll have lots of new suggestions and concepts to work with. You might even be able to help one another figure out how to perfect ideas that you’ve been struggling with! 

A bottle opener is a tool everyone needs, and your brand, school, or company can advertise right on a handy item like this!

You’ll be supporting entrepreneurship 

Starting a new business is always tough, but entrepreneurs are the kind of people who are willing to take risks in order to make their dreams become real (and to serve their local community, too). Many entrepreneurs took on the challenge because they wanted to be their own bosses and make a difference in the world. Rewarding that attitude helps everyone -- you, local business owners, and customers! 

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