5 R1A Essentials You'll Need for Cool Weather

It seems like the time for bikinis and board shorts was only yesterday (and knowing Maryland weather, it probably was!). But the fact remains that time is marching on, and warm weather is going to eventually pack up and leave. That means you need some new cool weather gear - and we've got you as well covered for that as we did in the summertime! Here are five things that will have you looking sharp all autumn long:

A Knit Cap

Did your mom ever tell you that you lose most of your body heat through your head? Well, as it turns out, that's been debunked. But what's true is that cold ears are no fun, and that's why you need a knit cap to keep you warm through the nippy days ahead! Choose one of our brightly-patterned knit caps, and you'll never lose it at school or in your mud room. Goodbye, cold ears and chilly heads, we won't miss you.

A Long-Sleeved Shirt

The benefit of a long-sleeved shirt is that it's perfect for Maryland's indecisive weather! In the morning, layer it with a jacket or hoodie. Then, when the weather climbs in the afternoon, you can strip down to the shirt and not have to worry about roasting to death. We've got tons of long-sleeved shirts in stock, but we're awfully partial to our Boh Say Can You See Unisex shirt -- now you and your friends or you and your bae can match!

A Zip-Up Hoodie

This classic design isn't going out of style anytime soon (and this particular style has the honor of traveling internationally with your humble author, keeping me warm and snug in Northern Ireland!). No matter where you go, it's a great way to stay cozy and let everyone know what city and teams you take pride in. And like the shirt above, it's unisex -- seriously, everyone looks good in this one. Not a city guy or gal? Don't worry, we've got plenty of other zip-up hoodies and pullovers, too! 

Crew Socks

We're serious when we say we can keep you warm from head to toe this fall! And there's really nothing worse than when it's almost laundry day and you have to wear the thin, worn out socks that offer no warmth for your toes. Forgo that bad day and get some bright, colorful, Maryland-themed crew socks! (It'll make matching them after you get them out of the dryer a heck of a lot easier, huh?)


A nice hot drink will chase those fall shivers away, fast! Whether you're sipping on tea, coffee or hot chocolate, you're going to want to have a mug on hand to get the maximum warmth (or the maximum amount of pumpkin spice flavoring). We've got a variety of mugs in our inventory, but this iconic rat mug is perfect for making your office or dorm mates laugh -- and it's recognizable enough to not get stolen.


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