5 of the Scariest Spots Around Maryland

When your state is as old as Maryland, you’re bound to grow up hearing ghost stories from the scariest places around the area. From ghostly Civil War soldiers to haunted abandoned properties, our state has several spooky spots to check out during Halloween. Here are a few of our favorite picks.


1. Ellicott City

From the abandoned ruins of St. Mary’s College, to Main Street’s ghostly alleyways, to the historic Patapsco Female Institute, there are numerous spooky situations to get yourself into in Ellicott City. Whether you wander the area yourself or take a guided ghost tour, we guarantee you’ll feel the Halloween spirit throughout this 18th century town. Don’t be surprised if your cell phone or camera stops working during the tour… you know spirits can interfere with electronics, right?

Photo courtesy of Ellicott City Ghost Tours


2. Antietam Battlefield

Located south of Hagerstown, Antietam Battlefield is known for its hauntings of soldiers and mysterious gunshot echoes throughout the area. These ghostly reports come as no surprise, considering the battlefield was home to the bloodiest one-day battle of the Civil War. Head out to Western Maryland at dusk or dawn - if you dare - and see what sort of spooky occurrences happen to you.

Photo courtesy of Battlefields.org



3. Green Mount Cemetery

There are two types of people in this world – those who have used the Ouija board, and those who avoid Ouija boards like the plague. Little do people know, the creator of the Ouija board lived right here in Maryland. Born in Bel Air in 1847, Elijah Bond is best known for patenting what we know today as the Ouija board. Bond died in 1921 and was buried in Baltimore’s Green Mount Cemetery, where his unique headstone still rests today. If cemeteries are your idea of a spooky Halloween, we can guarantee this will be a scary spot filled with plenty of spirits.

Photo courtesy of Something Original


4. Edgar Allan Poe’s Baltimore

Poe’s presence is felt all around Baltimore City, giving visitors plenty of places to check out this month. Start with his home at 203 North Amity Street and imagine what the area must have looked like during his time. Next, head to Fell’s Point to follow in Poe’s footsteps to The Horse You Came In On Saloon, where the poet supposedly had his last drink. End your tour and pay your respects to the local legend at his Westminster Hall grave on Fayette Street.

Photo courtesy of Bucketlist Bars


5. Jericho Covered Bridge

The rumor mill runs wild when it comes to the Jericho Covered Bridge near the Little Gunpowder Falls. Was there once a suicide pact involving a young couple in love? Do vehicles really stall for no reason when crossing the bridge? How many ghosts have actually been seen surrounding this spot? There’s only one way to find out… but we’ll leave the investigating to you.

Photo courtesy of Out Of The Way 


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