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5 Ways To Love Your New Rubber Duckie

You've put in the pre-order for your rubber duckie, and now you're anxiously awaiting the little guy's arrival. So what are you going to do with the ducks once they arrive? Well, we've got a few creative ideas on how to use your duck!

1. Desk Decor

Whether you're hard at work in the Old Line state or commute to a state nearby, you want all your officemates to see your Maryland pride! Sure, you might have to wear a suit and tie or a business blouse instead of your favorite Route One shirt, but you can let everyone see how much you love Maryland with this duckie sitting on your desk. 

He's looking pretty good on mine! Photo by Eva Niessner

2. Wedding Cake Topper

Some people want a truly unique cake topper. There are plenty of Maryland-themed options to choose from, but you'll have the most creative cake of all when you add two sweet kissing duckies. Ordered a bunch of ducks? Use them as table toppers at your reception! Got a photo booth? Let your guests make duck faces with this fun prop. The possibilities are endless!

3. Graduation Gift

Whether you know a high school graduate who's headed to a Maryland college or a recent college grad who's put in all the work for his or her degree, our Maryland duckies are an adorable way to tell them how proud you are! Make a basket of Maryland-themed gifts (and we're here to help with those items, too!) and sit this duck on top. The new grads can take them off to their new dorms or offices as a reminder of how much they're loved.

Why get just one? Our bundle pack is double the fun! 

4. Kid's Toy

You can buy plush crabs and pillow pets of Baltimore sports teams, but does your little one have a Maryland duckie? Turn bath time into play time, decorate a marvelous Maryland-themed nursery, or just delight the kids in your life with this colorful toy. Perfect for the swimming pool, sandbox, playground and park. 

5. Um, duh! The bathtub

Come on, it's what it's there for! Whether you want a fun little friend to hang out with or want to add the finishing touch to your Maryland-themed bathroom, this duck is just what you need. Even better, he'll never complain about you singing in the shower.

Ready to pre-order? Click here!

This blog post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.

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