Crazy About Pizza In Maryland!

We had a simple question--which Maryland pizza-makers make a pie that our state can be proud of? And we got answers. Lots, and lots, and lots of answers! Maryland, you are SERIOUS about pizza! We got more than 200 responses! While we wish that we could put them all in our blog post, we had to narrow it down a bit--here are some of our favorites.

Maureen Flatley wrote: "I've been eating Ledo's Pizza since I was in high school…..I'm 66 years old. It is the most consistently delicious pizza anywhere. I've eaten pizza all over the country and around the world. Ledo's Pizza remains that little black dress of pizza….just fabulous!"

We got fan after fan of Ledo's Pizza writing to us about how amazing it is, but it bears repeating. This Maryland favorite has been around since 1955, and residents have been crazy about those square slices from its inception onward. The franchise is now located all over the Old Line State, and there's sure to be one near you!

Leadfoot Duley wrote: "Joe Squared in Baltimore (Station North!). Sour dough crust, plenty of toppings to choose from, and cooked in a coal-fired oven."

Speaking of square pizza, you don't want to miss Joe Squared next time you're in Baltimore. These sourdough specialties are perfect for dinner with your pals. Whether you're looking for a vegan dinner or can't get enough meet, the funky menu at Joe Squared is sure to satisfy. 

Photo via Joe Squared

Erika Quesenbery Sturgill wrote: "The Wellwood's River Shack in Charlestown has a Maryland seafood pizza that features Maryland steamed blue crabs prominently - absolute favorite pizza by a mile."

It wouldn't be a Maryland pizza post without a crab pizza! And the Wellwood River Shack delivers. Get your crab on with the seafood pizza at the River Shack--and maybe munch on some fresh hardshell crabs while you're at it!

Photo via Yelp

Katy Dodd wrote: "I would definitely say Sal's Pizza in Denton, it's right off of route 404 going towards the bridge and going towards Ocean City! Their pizza has amazing texture, with any topping you want to put on plus it just screams Italian taste."

If you're headed down to the beach one last time before fall, be sure to stop in Denton for a slice of Sal's New York style pizza! The restaurant also serves a wide variety of subs, salads and pasta to keep your tummy from rumbling while you head down to Ocean City. 

Melanie Christine wrote: "SLICE on the Avenue is by far my favorite place to get pizza. The slices are giant, ingredients are always really fresh, the crust has the the perfect amount of crispness, and the combinations of toppings are so creative and delicious! The Bianco and the Hawaiian Ham are two of my all time faves. Best pizza in the world!!!"

We got plenty of fans singing the praises of SLICE! Anyone passing through White Marsh should stop and savor this Maryland favorite. The variety in the menu is absolutely outrageous, and even the pickiest eater will find something to satisfy him or her. Yum!

Photo via SLICE

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This blog post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.

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    On August 31, 2015

  • Daniel Norris says...

    Dough Rollers on the OC boardwalk is a tradition for me when I venture out there.
    And Nicolletti’s Pizza in California, MD is AMAZING. I LOVE their white pizza, and they also serve Gelato. Family owned business that’s been in St. Mary’s for quite a while.

    On August 28, 2015


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