2021 New Year's Resolutions That We'll Actually Keep

If you're like most people, you made a bunch of ambitious resolutions for 2020...and then the year didn't turn out anything like you expected. But you probably also learned how to be flexible, tenacious, and vocal about what's important to you, too. So what's next? If the thought of making a New Year's resolution for next year is daunting, well, maybe you can try these more realistic options.

1. Check in with other people regularly

2020 taught us how important our family and friends really are! If you've been feeling too busy or if you've gotten disconnected in recent weeks, you might want to make regular check-ins via phone call, Zoom, or even text a priority. If you're feeling extra fancy, cheer up your loved ones with some fun snail mail (we've got all kinds of stickers you can use to jazz up that letter!). 

2. Exercise for a reason other than weight loss

One of the most common resolutions people will be making is to lose weight, but there are plenty of other reasons to take up a new exercise routine. This year, instead of fretting about losing a specific number of pounds, use exercise as an opportunity to get out of the house through walking, running, jogging, or hiking! Or use yoga to break up your daily screen time and improve your flexibility. You could even take a virtual self-defense or dance class to boost other skills while getting in a good workout. 

3. Clean up your social media friend lists

Not everyone in your life needs to go into 2021 with you. Social media is an incredible tool to connect us and help us feel less alone, but anyone whose posts bring you down or raise your blood pressure can be unfriended -- or, at the very least, muted! The same goes for groups or chats that make you unhappy more often than not. Resolve to surround yourself with people you enjoy hearing from in your virtual circles, and you'll be happier for it. 

4. Make something that you're proud of

There are so many things that this could cover -- it's up to you to decide what it should be! Maybe you caught the baking bug earlier in 2020, or maybe you have decided you're going to give writing your memoirs a shot. Photography, gardening, sewing, blacksmithing, whatever floats your boat! You could even start a club or a fundraiser to help those in your Maryland community. The important thing is that you get some kind of personal pride from doing it, even if it's not professional or perfect. 

5. Support local businesses even more!

Local restaurants, shops, breweries and services took a huge hit in 2020, and it will take a long time before things go back to the way they were. But by supporting local businesses like Route One Apparel and many, many others here in Maryland, you can get the stores and eateries you love closer to their pre-pandemic glory! Keep shopping local, placing takeout orders, and buying giftcards. Doing your part for the local scene is pretty satisfying, huh? 



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