Looking Your Best on a Budget: Under $25

Saving up for that big summer trip? Trying to keep your budget balanced, but still want to indulge in that special Route One item? Worry not, everyone. We've got plenty of under $25 items in store, and we want to share them with all of you! Here are some of our favorites:

Maryland Flag Camera Strap, $17.99

When you're out with your friends, you want to make those memories last, so of course you've got your fancy camera with you! But after spending your money on such a nice device, you might not have a lot left over for a good camera strap. Luckily, we've got you covered with this gorgeous strap. 

Maryland Flag Koozie, $9.99

Whether it's time to tailgate or just party time with your friends, a koozie is essential for cold drinks in warm weather. So why not make it a Maryland flag koozie? At under ten bucks, this is a steal for any Marylander, and will last for many parties to come!

Maryland Flag Flip-Flops, $25

Is there anywhere you can't take flip-flops? Into the snow, we suppose, but other than that, they're practically perfect no matter where you go. At the beach or the pool, walking to class and even flip-flopping around the house are just a few ways to wear 'em. And you'll never mix up the right and left in these shoes!

Gold Crab Claw Ring, $14.50


If you like it, then you should have put a crab on it! Well, fear not, ladies, because your man can put a crab on it without breaking the bank. You'll be the flashiest gal at the party for the very best price--and who else will have a statement piece that's so unique?

Pennington Crab & Black Eyed Susan Sunglasses, $15.99


Summer means sunshine, so keep it out of your pretty eyes with our patterned shades! A bold pattern will spice up your look, and a bold price tag means you'll still have plenty of cash to spend on your crab cakes. Don't let summer pass you by without them!

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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