Study in Style!

If you're in college right now, the word on everyone's lips is midterms. You're going to need a lot of coffee and highlighters to get through the next few weeks--but don't forget to stay comfy cozy while you're at it! With these picks, that pile of study guides won't look quite so bad.

Maryland Flag Yoga Pants, $35.99


Whether you're actually doing yoga to relax between study sessions or you just need the comfiest pants under the sun, Route One has your back. Live in these until the springtime--we promise not to judge. 

Baltimore Black and Orange Mustache Shirt, $19.99


Nothing beats a comfy, oversized shirt for studying in--and this Baltimore beauty will go with just about anything. Stylish enough to wear to class but not too fancy to sleep in, this tee's as multi-talented as you are.

We Are Maryland Jumbo Tote Bag, $25

Carry around all those notes, pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, energy drinks, cell phones, tablets, textbooks, notebooks, planners...whew! Carry them all in a Maryland-themed bag that's sturdy enough to handle even your craziest midterms.

White Maryland Flag Knit Beanie, $17.50

Walking to the library in the middle of February? Too cold for comfort. Walking to the library with a Route One beanie on? Now that's just cool. You won't be too chilly to study if you remember your hat, and that's why we make them for you!

Purple and Gold Maryland Flag Shirt, $20


You can't have too many oversized Route One shirts--that's the first rule of being a Maryland college student, right? But for the actual day of your test, pick something like this one, with a pop of color to get your brain wide awake and in a good mood. Still cozy, and still looking sharp. You're gonna do great!


This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.



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