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Keeping It Local: Bubble Soccer

People take sports seriously. Really, really seriously. And if you want to be a professional athlete, you'd better take your game seriously! But that doesn't mean every sport has to be played with Olympic-level seriousness. Sometimes, you need to play something that will give you a great workout while making you laugh. And Frederick, MD has just the thing--bubble soccer.

Wait, what on earth is bubble soccer? Imagine playing soccer normally, but while encased in a giant plastic bubble. Run too close and too fast to another payer, and you'll tip over like a bowling pin. Here's a video from NBC showing it in action.



That looks like the most fun anyone could ever have while playing a game. I want to round up everyone I know and play bubble soccer until my legs give out. If you didn't watch the video, just know that the sport started in Norway, but spread all over the world, and now it's available to the good people of Maryland.

So how can I--and you!--get to it? Joel Alligood of the Frederick Indoor Sports Center explains.

"We have multiple types of packages," he said.""When we are running basic pickup sessions it's $12 per person with a valid FISC ID, birthday parties start at $350 for bubble soccer parties and bubble soccer field rentals are $350 for the first hour and $250 each additional hour."


He recommends booking your session in advance, since there's no guarantee that someone hasn't already rented out the facility. And it sounds like a pretty fabulous facility to get!

"We are the most unique sports center in the 4-state area," he said. "Not only do we have 2 85' x 185' state of the art turf fields, but we are climate controlled, have our Replay Cafe on site that we run, which is a full service cafe, have a full lounge for our customers, are the home to Sarge Athletics who runs the #1 Athlete Training program in the United States as per Men's Health magazine, have Frederick Sport and Spine on site which  offers general rehabilitative and preventative care for all injuries and progressive illnesses, have RPMotion Therapy (a message therapist) who works with professional and amateur athletes on site, have Frederick Soccer Supplies under our roof for one stop shopping, and have partnered with Lax Factory, the 4-state leader in Lacrosse Training. We have bubble soccer, which the next closest facility I know of having it is just outside of Philadelphia. We do birthday parties, soccer training ages 2 and up, have a goal keeper academy, youth leagues in field hockey, soccer and lacrosse, adult soccer leagues and multiple divisions of play."

That's right. This here could be you on your next birthday:



You could be there on that floor, having a blast with your friends as you roll around trying to score that next goal. Imagine the possibilities for your fraternity or sorority, your high school reunion, or even just girl's/guys night. And for the fitness conscious, this is way better than the endless appetizers at TGI Friday's.

"10 minutes in a bubble is like a 40 minute cardio workout," said Alligood, when asked how players seem when they're freed from their bubbles. "They come out excited and ready to go back in, although they KNOW they have worked their body out extremely well!"

Alligood stresses that guests remember to wear sneakers, not Converse shoes, Crocs, or any other unfit footwear. He also said that jewelry is not allowed on the bubble soccer playing field, just so everyone can stay safe!

Ready to get started? The facility is located at:

Frederick Indoor Sports Center

1845 Brookfield Ct

Frederick, MD, 21701


All photos are courtesy of Joel Alligood.

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.

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