6 Ways To Get Into the Orioles Spirit

So Buzzfeed has told us why we should be rooting for the Baltimore Orioles, but we in Maryland already knew all that, right? We've been waiting years for this, and we haven't lost faith, even though we....(whispers) may have lost three games to the Royals. But we won't stop! This is the time we need to support the Orioles more than ever!

Anyway, here are some ideas on how to root for them--whether it's at a viewing party, or just with a few friends or family members, maybe even you and your dog. 


1. Get Your Snack On

Watching a baseball game without snacks is just plain sad. Even if you're not at Camden Yards, you can still recreate the ballgame experience by making hot dogs, popcorn, and nachos at home (with the additional bonus of not having to wait in line to get it!) Of course, maybe you just want to make Orioles orange a part of everything, even your food, so why not give your friends a spread of orange goodies like Cheez-Its, carrots, creamsicles, cheddar cheese and oranges? You can even make ginger-orange mocktails that everyone can enjoy. (Thankfully, these games coincide with pumpkin spice season!)


                                                         Photo and recipe from Myrecipes.com


2. Get Connected

The Orioles have a huge social media presence, and they're always posting amazing pictures from the games. Are you following them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? It's an easy way to stay up-to-date on the scores and big moments from the most recent game, especially if you're a more casual fan who's not on top of every inning but still want to know what's what.

3. Get To Know the Home Turf

If you're lucky enough to have a ticket for Friday or Saturday's game, why not spend the day exploring Baltimore? The game isn't until 8 p.m., which leaves you plenty of time to visit the world-famous Aquarium, eat a crab cake or some pit beef, and pick up some kooky keepsakes at the Visionary Arts Museum that would make John Waters himself proud. Even if you get to Camden Yards super-early, there's plenty to do. Take photos outside the stadium, check out the Hall of Fame Wall, or browse the many shops selling Orioles swag.


               Pictured: It's huge, but not big enough to fit everyone who loves the Orioles. Photo via orioles.com

4. Get Crafty

A great sign can land you on TV if you're spotted at the game holding it! Break out the puffy paint and scented markers and make a sign saying something funny or something cute. The Baltimore Sun featured a great gallery of fan signs.


                                                                Photo via baltimoresun.com

Of course, even if you won't be at the game, there's no reason to put the craft supplies away. Paint your friends in orange and black, give yourselves Orioles-themed manicures, or turn a plain white shirt into orange-and-black tye-dye. 


5. Get Knowledgeable

Do you know what year the Orioles first made it to the World Series? Do you what year Camden Yards opened? Challenge your friends to some Orioles trivia before the game begins. Maybe whoever gets the most answers right gets first dibs on all those delicious orange snacks you made. Whether you play for fun or for prizes, this is your chance to show off your smarts when it comes to Baltimore baseball.


6. Get to Route One!

If you've been waiting for a sign to go get one of Route One's "Can't Spell October Without O's" shirt, this is it. But if you need a little more variety, why not browse the baseball collection? From shirts to scarves to koozies, we have everything an Orioles fan could dream of. (We've even got swimwear, in case you're lucky enough to be watching the game from the side of your pool in a sunny vacation spot!) Win or lose, the Orioles are ours--let's show off our pride.


How have you been supporting the Orioles despite their losses to the Royals? Comment and show us your photos! We know you won't stop!


This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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