15 Tees You’ve Got To Add To Your Collection This Fall

Cool weather is nearly here, and that means you're going to need to have the perfect tee to wear under your jacket or cardigan! Need some new ones? We gotcha! No matter who you are or what you’re into, we here at Route One Apparel have the perfect tee (or tees) for you.

1 For the Old Bay Fanatic

If you’re the type that puts the iconic Maryland spice on everything from burgers and fries to ice cream, you’ve gotta have a shirt that shows off just how in love with Old Bay you are.


2 For the Beach Bum

A day not spent at the beach is a day wasted, and this perfectly lazy lifeguard stand tee is a perfect reflection of that seaside mindset.

3 For the Environmentalist

Rep your favorite pollution-buster right on your new favorite shirt! Mr. Trash Wheel tells it like it is, and you’re going to want to wear this inspiring tee everywhere.

4 For the Vintage Lover

You’ve got an eye for old-timey style, and this Natty Boh tee is ideal for anyone who loves the look of the good old days -- but still knows how to be stylish in this day and age. 

5 For the Flower Child

Literal flowers -- in this case, the Maryland darling and state flower the black-eyed Susan -- couldn’t be more perfect for the Marylander who wants to spread a little flower power.

6 For the Nerd

Always quoting Star Wars? This tee is sure to make your inner geek immediately go, “I love you.” (We know.)


7 For the True Crime Lover

Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in all of Baltimore’s tantalizing true crime stories. For you, a shirt that reminds you (and everyone else) that there’s more than murder in the Charm City is necessary.

8 For the Baseball Obsessed

Even if you didn’t make the big leagues, you can still bat a thousand with a tee shirt that shows off your pride in your hometown team! Orange? Black? Check and check.

9 For the Class Clown

Get it? Well, whether it elicits a chuckle or a groan, this is a tee that anyone who’s always throwing out jokes and sharpening their wordplay has to have.

10 For the DC Neighbor

Maybe you live in MD and work in DC, or vice versa. Maybe all of your friends are in DC. Maybe you just live really close and consider yourself an honorary Washingtonian. No matter what, this one’s for you.

11 For the Preakness Fan

Do you wait all year long to hear the hoofbeats of the thoroughbreds? Celebrate the excitement long after the winner has been crowned with this bright and fun racing shirt.

12 For the One Who Talks Politics

Always have the news on in the background? Follow every candidate on Twitter? No matter what end of the spectrum you land on, we’ve got a shirt for the politician inside of you.

13 For the Baltimore Resident

You’ve already heard all of the rat jokes there are, and now it’s time for you to have a laugh too. Usually they don’t get Godzilla sized. Usually.


14 For the Horror Lover

Who says it’s too early to celebrate Halloween? Some people like it creepy all year round, and no, they’re not hot in all black in the late summer, thank you very much. This is the tee for them.

15 For the Dog Whisperer

Man’s best friend should get a high five -- well, a high paw. This shirt is just what anyone who loves their state and their pooch in equal measures will love wearing this fall.



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