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My hometown of Hagerstown, way over in western Maryland, is famous for a few things, most of them Civil War-related. But when we're not obsessing over our history, we in Hagerstown are obsessing over our donuts. And why shouldn't we? Hagerstown, Maryland is home to the greatest donut shop in the universe--Krumpe's.

"Krumpe's? What in the world is a Krumpe's?" you ask, because you have not yet been baptized in the glory of a Krumpe's donut. That's okay, you'll get there. To answer your question, it's a teeny tiny shop that sits in an alley (DoNut Alley. no less). And I do mean tiny. There's room for about six guests at a time to stand comfortably inside, and the line can get out the door and into the alley in no time.

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But once you brave the line and get to the counter, you can get some really fantastic, fresh donuts for not much money. Imagine you've been out with friends and now you're desperately hungry. You've got five bucks, but that's more than enough for half a dozen hot donuts at Krumpes. And since the store keeps insomniac hours (7 p.m.-2 a.m. every night except Saturdays), you're in luck if you've just finished a round at the bar or need something to eat after everyone else has closed. 
Eclairs? They've got 'em. Peanut butter twists? For sure. Standard glazed donuts? Of course they do. And every month, they showcase the newest 'donut of the month', like maple bacon, s'more or Irish cream. (Need to know what the current donut is? You can check their Twitter). 

via Krumpe's twitter

Krumpe's is so beloved in the community that they even hosted the 'donut drop' for New Year's 2014 downtown, dropping a 6-foot-tall paper-mache donut from the town's clock tower instead of the typical disco ball. 

So who's taking notice, besides the locals? Esquire magazine, for one. Krumpe's made the magazine's list of best late-night food in the country. Yep, competing up there with cities like New York, Boston and Pittsburgh is good ol' Hagerstown. Best of all, if you're heading for one of those bigger cities, Hagerstown makes a perfect pit stop. (Do you really need an excuse to stop for donuts, though?) Krumpe's also delivers for special events in Hagerstown and Frederick, so keep that in mind as graduation and wedding season rolls around, guys. 

Thank you, Krumpe's, for being a Maryland treasure.

Hungry yet? Here's the info you need to know:
912 Maryland Avenue (around back, facing the alley)
Hagerstown, MD 21740

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.
  • Carlie says...

    Born and raised in Maryland, I now attend Shepherd University in West Virginia which is only a half hour from Hagerstown! Late night Krumpe’s runs are always a must, we love those donuts!!

    On May 21, 2014


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