10 Things To Wear To Your Fourth of July Cookout

Happy Independence Day, everyone! If there’s one tradition that’s solidly American, it’s getting your family and friends together and celebrating the USA with a good cookout. Not sure what to wear to this year’s gathering? Never fear -- Route One Apparel has your back. Check out some of our favorite American-themed pieces of clothing:

Land of the Free State Shirt

We live in the land of the free AND in the free state...coincidence? We think not. This is the shirt to help you celebrate that freedom properly.

2 American Flag Crab Royal Blue Shirt 

An American flag and a Maryland crab go together like stars and stripes. This shirt’s the perfect way to combine them!

3 American State of Maryland Black Tank

We’ve got some amazing states here in the USA, but let’s be honest -- Maryland is the best one. This tank features the classic Maryland silhouette filled in with an American flag, perfect for the July 4 grill master.

4 National Bohemian Maryland State Stars Shirt

When you live in both the land of the free and the land of pleasant living, you’ve just gotta raise a toast. This star-spangled Natty Boh themed shirt is the best way to do that!

American Flag Aviator Sunglasses

You’re trying to keep an eye on the hot dogs to make sure they’re perfectly cooked -- don’t let the summer sun get in your ways! These American flag aviator glasses will help you out, and you’ll look pretty darn good, too.

6 American Flag Crab Blue Trucker Hat

Everybody needs a hat for the summertime, and this American flag crab cap is ideal for your July 4 get-together. It’s a quick and easy to wear your red, white, and blue and show off your MD pride at the same time!

7 Crabs,Old Bay & the USA Shirt

What else could you possibly need on a day like July 4? Crab, Old Bay and the USA are the most important things, and with this shirt, you’ll be able to show everyone where your priorities lie.

8 Stars and Stripes Crab Toddler Shirt 

Don’t forget the little ones! Your kiddo is going to look extra cute in this year’s photos when he or she is wearing this starry and striped crab toddler shirt, even when it gets covered in ketchup.

America in Minature Headband

A headband isn’t just a way to keep the hair out of your eyes (and off of your plate) at this year’s cookout. It’s also a great way to show off your American and Maryland pride! This one features the MD flag design in USA colors.

10 America in Miniature Shirt 

We really do live in ‘America in Miniature’, but there’s nothing small or insignificant about the design on this tee! It’s the perfect thing to wear to the barbeque, and everyone there is going to want one of these for themselves.


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