10 Things to Get Dad For Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up -- it'll be here before you know it! Do you know what you're getting Dad? Well, if you've got a proud Maryland pop, we've got the perfect gifts to give him. Check out a few of our favorite picks by reading on.

Old Bay Hot Sauce

If your dad likes the classic flavor of Old Bay but also wants to add some spice to his favorite foods, he'll love this gift! Just don't ask him to share. 

Crabcakes and Football Mug

If Dad roots for Baltimore every time and every game, give him this! He'll love drinking his favorite morning coffee from this sporty, Maryland-proud mug. 

Birds of Baltimore Belt

Who says a belt is a boring gift? Not us! We've got a classy design that can let Dad show off his Maryland pride with a pattern of orange and purple birds that allude to his favorite sports teams. 

Bourbon Barrel Grilling Chunks

Is Pop the king of the grill? Give him some grilling chunks from Tobacco Barn Distillery that will really add something special to his next barbecue! 

National Bohemian Golf Hat

If your father loves spending time at the golf course, he'll need a good hat to wear next time he goes to play. This one's perfect for your Maryland dad! After all, Boh knows golf. 

Oh Boy What a Beer Retro 70's Shirt

Take Dad back to the good old days with this trippy tee! If he loves 70's rock and Baltimore beer, this shirt combines the best of both worlds. He'll want to wear it all the time! 

Maryland Flag Flip Flops

Dad's planning to go to the beach, the lake, or the pool. Shouldn't he have a good pair of sandals to wear? This fun flag-patterned pair will make any Maryland dad smile. 

Free State Prep Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian shirts and fathers go together like peanut butter and jelly! This fun and preppy pattern celebrates all that's great about this state, and Dad will love wearing it on vacation (or, let's be real, around the house too). 

Old Bay Can Pattern Tie

If Dad wears a tie to work each day, it should at least be a fun one. This Old Bay tin design will help your father show off his love of all things Baltimore -- who could feel crabby with a tie like this?

Utz Quality Foods Shirt

Utz chips are a classic snack! Whether your father loves the original chip or would rather munch on sour cream and onion, he'll appreciate this college-style tee that celebrates his favorite food. 


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