10 St. Patrick's Day Masks to Wear This Year

It's almost here -- St. Patrick's Day, that is! Of course, we're still dealing with the global pandemic, so celebrations will definitely be a bit different in 2021. Still, we can all make sure we don't get pinched by wearing our green, and these celebratory masks are a great way to stay safe while staying festive, too. Which one is your fave?

1. Wear Green or Get Pinched mask

Those crab claws can deliver a nasty pinch, but you won't have to worry about a thing when you're wearing this green mask. 

2. Irish Crab face mask

Whether you're Irish by blood or you just want to join in on the St. Patrick's shenanigans, this Irish flag crab combines the love of Ireland with the love of Maryland.

3. Crab Shamrock face mask

Shamrocks are great, but we've added a crabby twist to this design to make it even more Maryland! This mask is perfect for going out to grab your favorite brews.

4. Side Irish Flag mask

A mini-sized Ireland-colored Maryland flag adds a little extra flair to this green mask that will protect you from pinches all day long. 

5. Crabby Love Shamrock face mask

You love St. Patrick's Day, you love Maryland crabs...frankly, what's not to love? You'll want to wear this mask long after the festivities have ended. 

6. Irish Maryland Flag Pattern mask

The full flag design is sure to grab attention! Show off not just your Maryland pride but your love of all things Irish with the flag design in Irish colors. 

7. Natty Boh Irish Tiki Bar mask

Maybe we're staying in, but Mr. Boh is going out! He and all of his local friends are celebrating St. Pat's at the pub on this fun National Bohemian mask design. 

8. Irish Maryland Flag Crab Pattern mask

These festive little crabs can't wait for St. Patrick's Day! Wear this mask when you're out picking up your corned beef and cabbage from a local spot that really appreciates your support. 

9. Natty Boh Shamrock Green mask

Mr. Boh wears many hats, including this fun leprechaun one! The multi-talented mascot is a perfect drinking buddy, and he's got a pint glass full of golden ale. 


10. Maryland Flag Shamrock Pattern mask

Don't you feel lucky just looking at this mask? The shamrock and MD flag design is the perfect pair for St. Patrick's day! 


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