10 R1A Stickers You’ll Wanna Put Everywhere

Stickers are a cheap and easy way to add a little bit of your personality and your interests to your laptop, your water bottle, your car or your phone case. Are your belongings looking a little plain? Well, don’t worry -- we’ve got the fix you need. Check out some of our favorite stickers below.

1 Natty Boh Live Pleasantly Sticker

Take a little bit of the land of pleasant living anywhere you go when you stick this breezy, summer-y sticker on the bumper of your car! 

Baltimore: Actually, I Love It Sticker

Charm city has a way of charming people -- and you can let everyone know that you’ve got a soft spot for Baltimore with this bright, cheerful sticker. 

Maryland Flag Cat Sticker

If you’re a cat lover, you can show off your love of your pet and your state at the same time, thanks to this colorful flag cat sticker! It’ll look purr-fect anywhere you put it.

Mr. Trash Wheel Sticker

Celebrate Baltimore’s renowned, googly-eyed trash eater with a sticker in the shape of Mr. Trash Wheel! It’s a great conversation starter, especially if you’re chatting with another environmentalist. 

Red Crab Feast and Maryland Crest Sticker

It can’t be crab feast season all year long, but at least you can take a little bit of crab season with you everywhere you go, thanks to this sticker. 

Maryland Heart Sticker

Do you love Maryland? Like, really, really love Maryland? This sticker shows off your love and pride for the Old Line State, and it’s also an easy way to help you identify your car in a crowded lot. 

Maryland Full Flag Crab Sticker

Make your laptop happy by dressing it up with a full flag crab sticker! This is pretty much the essence of Maryland -- flag, crab, yep, it’s got it all. 

8 Natty Boh Logo Sticker

Is there anywhere the Natty Boh logo doesn’t belong? We can’t think of any place. That’s why we’ve got this sticker -- after all, you can add him to anything or any spot you feel like he’s not represented enough. 

Birdland Shield Sticker

Maybe you’re not a Game of Thrones character, but you can still represent the most important house of all -- House Birdland! This medieval-style shield is ideal for any sports lover. 

10 Maryland Flag Dog Sticker

Who’s a good sticker? This is great for any dog owner who wants to show off how important their pooch is (and how important their home state is, too!).


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