10 Maryland Themed Back to School Essentials

It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end. In just a few short weeks, school will be back in session for students all throughout the state. While we hate to see summer break end, we do love a good school supply shopping trip. New clothes, stylish accessories, fresh notebooks, a new clean backpack… the options are endless!

Whether you are in middle or high school, or attending an in-state college or out-of-state university, we have the perfect back to school items for you.

Show off your Maryland pride in style with these 10 school essentials.

1. Book Bags – Crabs & Black-Eyed Susans OR Maryland Flag

First things first…you’re gonna need a bag to carry all those books in. Do you prefer crabs and black-eyed Susans? Or would you rather stick with the classic Maryland flag pattern? Either way, these bags can get you to-and-from school, with room for your notebooks, textbooks, school supplies, and more. The best part is the unique pattern that none of your classmates have. Your bag will never get confused for anyone else’s—that means no missing assignments for you!

2. Maryland Flag Tumbler

Once you’ve packed your bag for the day, grab your tumbler and fill it with your drink of choice to-go—water, juice, or a strong coffee to get you to class on time. This tumbler will keep you hydrated, or at least keep you awake, to make it throughout the school day in one piece.

3. Maryland Flag Lanyard

One of the hardest things to keep track of in school is your ID card… it controls your meal plan, your access to certain buildings, and proves your identity. Meaning if you lose it, you’re basically screwed and are required to purchase a new one. But not anymore! Our patterned lanyard will keep it within reach and within eye-sight without problem.

4. Maryland Flag Shoes

You’ll need a pair of reliable shoes to get you from class to class, building to building, up and down stairs all day long. These do the job and keep you looking fresh at the same time! Don’t be surprised when you start getting asked where you bought them…

5. Maryland Flag Compact Umbrella

There’s nothing worse than walking to class when an unexpected rain cloud passes overhead. This compact umbrella is small enough to fit in your book bag with all your school supplies, but large enough to protect you from getting wet from the wind and rain outside! Leave it in your bag so you’re always prepared for the unpredictable Maryland weather.

6. Maryland Flag Lunch Box

We almost forgot the most exciting part of the day… lunch! The time when you can relax with your friends, chat about your day, and satisfy your snack cravings. Throw an ice pack in this baby and fill it up with a sandwich, some fruit or veggies, and a snack bar to keep you feeling full until you get home.

7. Maryland Flag Wristlet

Ditch the bulky purse and bring this wristlet with you to class instead. With more than enough room to hold your phone and your wallet, this functional bag is the only thing you’ll need to carry besides your book bag.

8. Maryland Flag Wallet

Maybe you prefer to show off your Maryland pride a little more subtly… on the outside, this wallet looks like your average black leather money holder. But on the inside it’s a loud Maryland-pride PARTY. No one would ever know until they see you flash your cash at the school store. Remember kids, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

9. Maryland Flag Pencil Case

From writing utensils to glue sticks and erasers, there’s plenty that can fit inside this Maryland flag pencil case. Load in your favorite ballpoint pens and Ticonderoga pencils so you’ll always have an extra for you and a friend. And of course, the size is perfect for your new Maryland-themed bookbag. See how easy we made this for you?

10. Maryland Can Cooler

This last one is for the college kids! Get ready for game day with this slim can cooler. Take it to your local dorm party or bring it tailgating with you near the stadium. You can keep your drink cool – and easily identified – with this stylish foam sleeve.


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