10 Halloween Hacks to Try in 2022


Is Halloween your favorite holiday? You're not alone! Halloween is the most popular holiday for millennials, and the spooky season is right around the corner. Want to make the most of the parties and candy? We've got a few hacks you'll love.

1. We all love jack-o-lanterns, but sometimes, you don't have the time, energy, or supplies to carve pumpkins. Grab some round rocks, dip them in orange paint, and then add fearsome faces to them once it dries! Bonus -- no need to worry about rot, and you can reuse them year after year.

2. You can't go wrong with a classic kid's party move that adults will love too! Use pre-made crescent dough cut into strips to wrap up hot dogs like mummies. Dot on ketchup eyes and use mustard for a smile.

3. Invite some giant spiders to your party! Blow up black balloons, then tape black streamers to it -- four on each side. Tape the 'spider' into the corner of the ceiling, then drape fake cobwebs all around.

4. Add some fake 'blood' to your decor with the help of a red candle! Melt it down and let it drip over your other decorations for a bloody effect.

5. A disembodied hand can add a ghoulish touch to your punch bowl! Just fill a glove with water, freeze it overnight, and you'll have a hand that's cold as death to keep your drinks frosty. 

6. Why serve beers out of an ordinary cooler when you could use a pumpkin instead? Just pick out the biggest pumpkin you can find, scoop out the guts, and fill it with ice. Voila! Perfect beverage storage. If you're hosting an under-21 crowd, put sodas and juices inside instead.

7. You can add some ghostly flair to a pizza with a little creativity! When you're making a pizza from scratch, put on mozzarella slices that you cut in the shape of floating ghosts. Add eyes and mouths cut from little black olive pieces. 

8. Add a fun Halloween twist to your typical party games by painting them with glow in the dark paint! Create glowing Jenga pieces that you can play in a dark room or spice up a checker board by painting the squares and pieces with different colored glowing paints.

9. Spicy and sweet make an incredible combo. Want to add a Maryland twist to your favorite chocolate candies? Dust them with a little Old Bay for a flavor experience that's the perfect way to balance opposite tastes.

10. Wondering what to do with your Halloween chocolates after the holiday has passed? Turn them into some delicious candy bark! Check out the recipe here; all you'll need are chocolate chips and your leftover candies.


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