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10 Cutting Boards for the Chefs in Your Life

Eva Niessner

10 Cutting Boards for the Chefs in Your Life

Know a Marylander who just can’t get enough of cooking? Maybe it’s a parent, a grandparent, a significant other, or a good friend. Whoever it is, you know that they need a proper cutting board in their kitchen -- and you can be the one to give it to them. (And if you’re the chef in question? Well, go ahead and treat yourself!)

University of Maryland M Cutting Board

This person wasn’t slurping down ramen in their UMD dorm room -- they were making delicious creations instead! Celebrate the UMD alum with this school spirit cutting board.


University of Maryland Athletics Logo Cutting Board

Or remind them of the good old days back at the alma mater with this UMD athletics logo instead!


3 "Probably Cooking With Old Bay" Cutting Board

Chances are, if they’re from Maryland, Old Bay is going into that recipe. There’s just no use in denying it! 


Anchor and Crabs Cutting Board

Anchors aweigh! It’s time to set sail on a culinary adventure, and this cutting board can help any home cook create some dinnertime treasure. 


National Bohemian Cutting Board

This guy is sure to keep your favorite cook company as they prepare a meal they’ll be proud of. After all, who doesn’t want Natty Boh in the kitchen?


6 Crab and Maryland State Cutting Board

Every now and then, people do make meals that don’t involve crab. But this crabby cutting board can make it easier to make the meal more Maryland. 


Maryland Flag Cutting Board

The classic Maryland flag design -- you just can’t go wrong! It belongs on everything, and yes, that includes cutting boards.


Baltimore Map Cutting Board

You know every street of Charm City, but there’s no need to leave the house and find a restaurant out in Baltimore -- you can cook something great at home, and use this board, too.


Baltimore Skyline Cutting Board

The Baltimore skyline is awfully majestic. It’s almost as majestic as the food that your loved one is making -- but not quite.


10 Chesapeake Bay Cutting Board

If you know someone whipping up fresh seafood dishes with fish they caught right from the Bay, this is the cutting board for them! They’ll love the level of detail -- after all, the Bay is bae.

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